Ayşe Hatun (wife of Osman II)

For other uses, see Ayşe Hatun.
Ayşe (A’ishā) Hātûn or Sultan
عایشه خاتون

The burial place of "A’ishā (Ayşe) Hātûn" is located inside Eyüp Cemetery, Istanbul
Haseki Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure January 1620 – 20 May 1622
Predecessor Kösem Sultan
Successor Ayşe Sultan
Born A’ishā (Ayşe)
Died after 1640
Spouse Ottoman Sultan Osman II
Religion Islam

Ayşe Hatun or Sultan (Ottoman Turkish: عایشه خاتون, ? - after 1640) was the Haseki of Sultan Osman II of the Ottoman Empire.[1][2][3]

The husband of "Ayşe Hatun", Genç Osman (Uthman the Young).


Her name appears in privy purse registers from 1619 on,[4] but nothing is known about her except her name.[3][1]

According to Peirce, Ayşe was Osman's haseki sultan. But according to Piterberg, Osman II did not have a haseki and Ayşe was just "a politically insignificant consort." Even though her status was debatable, but it is clear that Ayşe could not became prominent female figure like other haseki sultans. Also, a governess (daye hatun, lit. wet-nurse) who was appointed as a stand-in valide, could not counterbalance the contriving of Mustafa I's mother in the Old Palace. This condition made the conspious absence of a female power basis in the harem during her spouse's reign, the basic and exceptional weakness from which Osman II suffered.[5]

After Osman's death in 1622 she stayed in the imperial palace. Privy Purse records her presence lastly in 1640.[4][6]

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Ottoman royalty
Preceded by
Kösem Sultan
Haseki Sultan
January 1620 – 20 May 1622
Succeeded by
Ayşe Sultan
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