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This is a list of Swedish monarchs, that is, the Kings and ruling Queens of Sweden, including regents and viceroys of the Kalmar Union, up to the present time.


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Kings and Queens Regnant of Sweden 1523-1907

The earliest record of what is generally considered to be a Swedish king appears in Tacitus' work Germania, c. 100 AD (the king of the Suiones). However, due to scant and unreliable sources before the 11th century, lists of succession traditionally start in the 10th century with king Olof Skötkonung, and his father Eric the Victorious, who also were the first Swedish kings to be baptized. There are, however, lists of Swedish pagan monarchs with far older dates, but in many cases these kings appear in sources of disputed historical reliability. These records notably deal with the legendary House of Yngling, and based on the Danish chronicler Saxo Grammaticus, Eric the Victorious and Olof Skötkonung have often been classified as belonging to the Swedish house of Ynglings, tracing them back to Sigurd Ring and Ragnar Lodbrok (whom Saxo considered to belong to the House of Yngling). However, according to Icelandic sources this line of kings was broken (see Ingjald and Ivar Vidfamne). As there is no evidence that Eric and Olof ever used the Yngling name themselves, modern historians instead refer to their family as the House of Munsö, the Old Dynasty or the House of Uppsala.

In the 16th century, Johannes Magnus constructed a mythical line of Swedish kings, beginning with Magog, the son of Japheth, to demonstrate the antiquity of the Swedish throne. On the basis of his list, Eric XIV and Charles IX adopted their high ordinals; previous monarchs with those names are traditionally numbered counting backward from Eric XIV and Charles IX. In contemporary Swedish usage, medieval kings are usually not given any ordinal at all.

Sweden has been ruled by queens regnant on three separate occasions: by Margaret (1389–1412), Christina (1632–1654) and Ulrika Eleonora (1718–1720) respectively.

In addition to the list below, the Swedish throne was also claimed by the kings of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1599 to 1660. Following his abdication Sigismund continued to claim the throne from 1599 to his death in 1632. After his death the claim was continued by his sons, Vladislaus IV (from 1632 to 1648) and John II Casimir (from 1648 to 1660).

The Swedish monarchs have been of the House of Bernadotte since 1818, based on the Swedish Act of Succession of 1810. The Constitution of 1809 assumed that the monarch would appoint his Cabinet as he saw fit, but growing calls for democratisation during the end of the 19th century made such an idea impossible to sustain. 1917 marks the end of any real political power for the Swedish monarch. The Constitution of 1974 codifies this development by removing all decision-making powers from the monarch, making it both de facto and de jure a ceremonial position, and today the Government has the chief executive power, not the king.

In 1980, the rule of succession was changed from agnatic to absolute primogeniture, to the benefit of Princess Victoria (born 1977), the current heir apparent.

Monarchs and regents of Sweden

For lists of the prehistoric kings of Sweden see List of legendary kings of Sweden

House of Munsö

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Eric the Victorious (Erik Segersäll)
c. 970 – c. 995
945?, son of Björn ErikssonSigrid the Haughty
'Świętosława' of Poland
Died of illness in Old Uppsala[1] c. 995, aged about 50
Olof Skötkonung
c. 995 – c. 1022
c. 980, son of Eric the VictoriousEstrid of the Obotritesc. 1022, aged about 42
Anund Jacob (Anund Jakob)
c. 1022–1050
25 July 1008 or 1010 son of Olof Skötkonung and Estrid of the Obotrites c. 1050, aged about 40
Emund the Old (Emund den gamle)
Illegitimate son of Olof SkötkonungAstrid Njalsdotter 1060

House of Stenkil and contemporary

     House of Stenkil

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Stenkil (Stenkil Ragnvaldsson)
Probably from Västergötland, son of Ragnvald Ulfsson (according to Hervarar saga)"Ingamoder"Died of illness in "Svitjod", 1066
Eric and Eric
1067, died in battle against each other for the throne
Halsten Stenkilsson (Halsten)
c. 1050 son of Stenkil 1084, aged about 34
Anund Gårdske
Came from Garðaríki, (Kievan Rus'), probably with ancestral links to Scandinavia
Håkan the Red (Håkan Röde)
Levene, Västergötland, c. 1040, son of Stenkil
Inge the Elder (Inge den äldre)
1079–1084, 1087–1105
Son of Stenkil and "Ingamoder"Helena, sister of Blot-SweynDied of illness, 1105. First buried in Hånger, but then moved to Varnhem Abbey
Blot-Sweyn (Blot-Sven)
1087, ambushed by Inge the Elder's troops
1087–1105, Inge the Elder (Inge den äldre) (second period)
Philip Halstensson (Filip Halstensson) 1105–1118 Son of King HalstenIngegerd, daughter of Harald III of NorwayAssumed to be buried in Vreta Abbey with his brother Inge II
Inge the Younger (Inge den yngre)
son of king HalstenUlvhild HåkansdotterÖstergötland, 1125, rumored poisoned by his wife with an "evil drink". Assumed to be buried in Vreta Abbey with his brother Philip
Ragnvald Knaphövde
Assumed to be related in some way to the House of Stenkil 1126, killed by supporters of Magnus I of Sweden before being accepted in Västergötland
1126-30 Magnus I of Sweden of the House of Estrid ruled the West Goths, and soon-to-be King Sverker (below) ruled the East Goths.

Houses of Sverker and Eric

     House of Estrid
     House of Eric
     House of Sverker

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Sverker I the Elder (also called Clubfoot, Sverker den äldre or Klumpfot; king from 1125 in Östergötland), 1130 – 25 December 1156of East Geatish ancestry, son of Cornube or KolUlvhild Håkansdotter,
Richeza of Poland
Murdered by his own coach on Christmas Day 1156 while going to church. Some appoint Magnus Henriksen to be behind the murder, buried at Alvastra Abbey
Eric (IX) the Saint (Erik den helige),
1156 – 18 May 1160
c. 1120, some appoint him to have West Geatish roots Christina of Denmark Killed by Magnus Henriksen as he came out of the church in Uppsala, 18 May 1160, aged about 40, enshrined in Uppsala Cathedral
Magnus II,
son of Henry and Ingrid Ragvaldsdotter (the granddaughter of Inge the Elder)Married to his stepsister Brigida Haraldsdotter, the daughter of Harald IV (Gille) of NorwayDied in the battle of Örebro against Charles VII, 1161
Charles I (Karl Sverkersson),
1161 – 12 April 1167
1130, son of Sverker I the Elder and Ulvhild HåkansdotterChristina Hvide, 1163Killed by Canute I Ericson on Visingsö, 12 April 1167, aged about 37, buried at Alvastra Abbey
Canute I Ericson (Knut Eriksson) (1167–1173 not in Östergötland; from 1173 also in Östergötland), 1167–1195/1196before 1150, son of Eric the Saint and Kristina (probably a granddaughter of Inge the Elder)Cecilia JohansdotterDied peacefully in 1195 or 1196, buried at Varnhem Abbey
Sverker II the Younger (Sverker den yngre), 1196 – 31 January 1208born before 1167, probably already c. 1164 son of king Charles VII and queen Christine Stigsdatter of HvideBenedicta Ebbesdotter of Hvide
Ingegerd Birgersdotter of Bjelbo daughter of Birger Brosa
Died in the Battle of Gestilren, 17 July 1210, aged about 45, buried at Alvastra Abbey
Eric (X) (Erik Knutsson),
31 January 1208 – 10 April 1216
1180 son of Canute I EricsonRicheza of Denmark (the daughter of Valdemar I of Denmark)Died suddenly in fever on Näs Castle, Visingsö, 10 April 1216, aged about 36, buried at Varnhem Abbey
John I the Child (Johan Sverkersson unge), Spring 1216 – 10 March 12221201 son of Sverker II Died on Visingsö, 10 March 1222, aged about 21, buried at Alvastra Abbey
Eric (XI) the Lisp and Lame (Erik läspe och halte),
Summer 1222–28 or 29 November 1229
1216 son of king Erik X of Sweden and Richeza of DenmarkCatherine of Ymseborg2 February 1250, aged about 34, buried at Varnhem Abbey
Canute II the Tall (Knut Långe)
28 or 29 November 1229 – 1234
son of Holmger who was "nepos" (nephew?) of Canute I EricsonHelena Pedersdatter Strange1234, buried at Sko kloster
Eric (XI) the Lisp and Lame (Erik läspe och halte),
1234 – 2 February 1250
1216 son of king Erik X of Sweden and Richeza of DenmarkCatherine of Ymseborg2 February 1250, aged about 34, buried at Varnhem Abbey

House of Bjälbo

The House of Bjälbo is sometimes referred to as the House of Folkung

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Valdemar (Valdemar Birgersson)
Spring 1250 – 22 July 1275
1239 son of Birger jarl and Ingeborg Eriksdotter (a daughter of Eric X)Sophia of Denmark, daughter of Eric IV of DenmarkDied while imprisoned by his brother Magnus at Nyköping Castle, 26 December 1302, aged about 63, buried at Vreta Abbey or Riddarholmen Church
Magnus III (Magnus Ladulås)
22 July 1275 – 18 December 1290
1240 son of Birger jarl and Ingeborg Eriksdotter (the daughter of Eric X)Helwig of HolsteinVisingsö, 18 December 1290, aged about 50, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Birger (Birger Magnusson)
18 December 1290 – March/April 1318
1280 son of Magnus III and Helwig of HolsteinMartha of Denmark, 129831 May 1321, in exile in Denmark, after murdering his brothers at Nyköping Banquet, aged about 41, buried at Ringsted, Zealand
Mats Kettilmundsson
Regent 27 June 1318 – 8 July 1319
(not of the House of Bjälbo)
Unknown birthyearNoneMay 1326, in Åbo, as hövitsman of Finland
Magnus IV Ericson (Magnus Eriksson)
8 July 1319 – 15 February 1364
Norway, 1316 son of Erik Magnusson (brother of Birger) and Ingeborg HåkonsdotterBlanche of Namur,1335Drowned in a shipwreck when seeking refuge with his son in Bømlofjord, Norway, 1 December 1374, aged about 58
Eric (XII) (Erik Magnusson)
17 October 1356 – 20 June 1359
(rival king until 1359; joint-rule with father months before death)
1339 son of Magnus IV Eriksson and Blanche of NamurBeatrice of BavariaGenerally believed that he and his wife died in the plague, 20 June 1359, aged about 20
Hacon (Håkan Magnusson)
15 February 1362 – 15 February 1364
(joint-rule with father)
1340 son of Magnus IV Eriksson and Blanche of NamurMargrete Valdemarsdotter, 9 April 1363 in CopenhagenOslo, 11 September 1380, aged about 40, buried in Oslo

House of Mecklenburg

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Albert of Sweden (Albrekt av Mecklenburg)
15 February 1364 – 24 February 1389
Mecklenburg, c. 1338, son of Albert II, Duke of Mecklenburg and Euphemia of Sweden Richardis of SchwerinMecklenburg, 1 April 1412, aged about 74, buried in Doberan Abbey, Germany

Monarchs during the Kalmar Union period and Regents (Riksföreståndare)

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Margaret (Margareta Valdemarsdotter)
24 February 1389 28 October 1412
Vordingborg Castle, 1353 daughter of Valdemar IV and Helvig of SønderjyllandHaakon VI of NorwayFlensburg Fjord, 28 October 1412, aged about 55, buried in Roskilde Cathedral
Eric (XIII) (Erik av Pommern)
23 July 1396 24 September 1439 (deposed 14341435 and 1436)
Rügenwalde, Pomerania, 1382, son of Wartislaw VII, Duke of Pomerania and Mary of Mecklenburg-SchwerinPhilippa of EnglandRügenwalde Castle, 3 May 1459, aged about 77, buried in St. Mary's Church, Darłowo, Poland
Christopher (Kristoffer av Bayern)
Autumn 1441 6 January 1448
Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz in Bavaria, February 26, 1418 son of Duke John of Pfalz-Neumarkt and Catherine VratislavaDorothea of BrandenburgHelsingborg, 5 January or 6 January 1448, aged 29, buried at Roskilde Cathedral
Charles VIII (Karl Knutsson Bonde)
20 June 1448 24 February 1457, 9 August 1464 30 January 1465 and 12 November 1467 15 May 1470
Ekholmen Castle, 1408 or 1409 son of Knut Tordsson (Bonde) and Margareta Karlsdotter (Sparre av Tofta)Birgitta Turesdotter (Bielke) (died before he became king)
Katarina Karlsdotter
Kristina Abrahamsdotter
15 May 1470, aged about 61 or 62, buried at Riddarholmen Church
Christian I (Kristian I)
23 June 1457 23 June 1464
Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, February 1426, son of Dietrich of Oldenburg and Helvig of SchauenburgDorothea of BrandenburgCopenhagen, 21 May 1481, aged 55, buried at Roskilde Cathedral
9 August 1464 30 January 1465 Charles VIII (Karl Knutsson Bonde) (second period)
12 November 1467 15 May 1470 Charles VIII (Karl Knutsson Bonde) (third period)
John II ("Hans")
6 October 1497 August 1501
Aalborg Castle, 2 February 1455, son of Christian I and Dorothea of BrandenburgChristina of SaxonyAalborg Castle, 20 February 1513, aged 58, buried in St. Canute's Cathedral, Odense
Christian II the Tyrant (Kristian Tyrann)
1 November 1520 23 August 1521
Nyborg Castle, 1 July 1481 son of Hans and Christina of SaxonyIsabella of AustriaKalundborg Castle, 25 January 1559, aged 77, buried in St. Canute's Cathedral, Odense

House of Vasa

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Gustav I (Gustav Vasa)
6 June 1523 29 September 1560
also as regent Gustav Eriksson (Vasa), 1521–1523
Rydboholm Castle or Lindholmen in Uppland, 12 May 1496 son of Erik Johansson and Cecilia MånsdotterCatherine of Saxe-Lauenburg (1531–1535)
Margareta Leijonhufvud (1536–1551)
Katarina Stenbock (1552–1560)
Tre Kronor (castle), 29 September 1560, aged 64, buried in Uppsala Cathedral
Eric XIV (Erik XIV)
29 September 1560 29 September 1568
Tre Kronor (castle), 13 December 1533 son of Gustav I and Catherine of Saxe-LauenburgKarin MånsdotterDied (Poisoned) while imprisoned in Örbyhus Castle, 26 February 1577. Aged 43, buried at Västerås Cathedral
John III (Johan III)
30 September 1568 17 November 1592
Stegeborg Castle, Östergötland, 20 December 1537 son of Gustav I and Margaret LeijonhufvudCatherine Jagellonica (1562  1583),
Gunilla Bielke (1585–1597)
Tre Kronor (castle), 17 November 1592, aged 54, buried at Uppsala Cathedral
Sigmund (Sigismund)
17 November 1592 24 July 1599
Gripsholm Castle, 20 June 1566, son of John III and Catherine Jagellonica of Poland.Anna of Austria (1592–1598),
Constance of Austria (1605–1631)
Warsaw, Poland, 30 April 1632, aged 65, buried at Wawel Cathedral, Kraków, Poland
Charles IX (Karl IX)
22 March 1604 30 October 1611
also as regent Duke Charles, 1599–1604
Tre Kronor (castle), 4 October 1550 son of Gustav I and Margaret LeijonhufvudMaria of Palatinate-Simmern (1579–1589),
Christina of Holstein-Gottorp (1592–1611)
Nyköping Castle, 30 October 1611, aged 61, buried at Strängnäs Cathedral
Gustavus Adolphus the Great (Gustav II Adolph, Gustav II Adolf, "Gustav Adolf den Store", Lion of the North)
30 October 1611 6 November 1632
Tre Kronor (castle), 9 December 1594, son of Charles IX and Christina of Holstein-Gottorp.Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg6 November 1632, in the Battle of Lützen, Electorate of Saxony, aged 37, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Christina (Kristina)
6 November 1632 6 June 1654
Stockholm, 8 December[2] 1626, daughter of Gustavus Adolphus and Maria Eleonora of BrandenburgUnmarriedRome, 19 April 1689, aged 62, buried at St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

House of Palatinate-Zweibrücken, a branch of the House of Wittelsbach

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Charles X Gustav (Karl X Gustav)
6 June 1654 13 February 1660
Nyköping Castle, 8 November 1622, son of John Casimir, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken-Kleeburg and Catharina of Sweden (daughter of Charles IX)Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-GottorpGothenburg, 13 February 1660, aged 37, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Charles XI (Karl XI)
13 February 1660 5 April 1697
Tre Kronor (castle), 24 November 1655 son of Charles X and Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-GottorpUlrike Eleonora of DenmarkTre Kronor (castle), 5 April 1697, aged 41, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Charles XII (Karl XII)
5 April 1697 30 November 1718
Tre Kronor (castle), 17 June 1682 son of Charles XI and Ulrike Eleonora of DenmarkUnmarriedFredrikshald, Norway, 30 November 1718, aged 36, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Ulrica Eleanor (Ulrika Eleonora)
5 December 1718 29 February 1720
Tre Kronor (castle), 23 January 1688 daughter of Charles XI and Ulrika Eleonora of DenmarkFrederick I, Landgrave of Hesse-KasselStockholm, 24 November 1741, aged 53, buried in Riddarholmen Church

House of Hesse

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Frederick (Fredrik I av Hessen)
24 March 1720 25 March 1751
Kassel (in today's Germany), 23 April 1676, son of Charles I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and Princess Maria Amalia of CourlandLouise Dorothea of Prussia
Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden
Stockholm, 25 March 1751, aged 74, buried in Riddarholmen Church

House of Holstein-Gottorp, a branch of the House of Oldenburg

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Adolf Frederick (Adolf Fredrik)
25 March 1751 12 February 1771
Gottorp, Schleswig (in today's Germany), 14 May 1710, son of Christian August of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince of Eutin and Albertina Frederica of Baden-DurlachLouisa Ulrika of PrussiaStockholm Palace, 12 February 1771, aged 60, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Gustav III
12 February 1771 29 March 1792
Stockholm, 24 January [O.S. 13 January] 1746 son of King Adolf Frederick of Sweden and Louisa Ulrika of PrussiaSophia Magdalena of DenmarkAssassinated (shot in the back when he was on a masked ball at the opera, 16 March 1792). Died in Stockholm Palace, 29 March 1792, aged 46, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Gustav IV Adolph
29 March 1792 10 May 1809
with Charles, Duke of Södermanland as regent 1792–1796
Stockholm Palace, 1 November 1778 son of Gustav III and Sophia MagdalenaFrederica of BadenSt. Gallen, Switzerland, 7 February 1837, aged 58, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Charles XIII (Karl XIII)
6 June 1809 5 February 1818
Stockholm, 7 October 1748, son of Adolf Frederick of Sweden and Louisa Ulrika of PrussiaHedwig Elizabeth Charlotte of Holstein-GottorpStockholm, 5 February 1818, aged 69, buried in Riddarholmen Church

House of Bernadotte

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Charles XIV John (Karl XIV Johan)
5 February 1818 8 March 1844
Pau, France, 26 January 1763 son of Jean Henri Bernadotte and Jeanne de Saint-VincentDésirée ClaryStockholm Palace, 8 March 1844, aged 81, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Oscar I
8 March 1844 8 July 1859
Paris, France, 4 July 1799, son of Charles XIV John and Désirée ClaryJosephine of LeuchtenbergStockholm Palace, 8 July 1859, aged 60, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Charles XV (Karl XV)
8 July 1859 18 September 1872
Stockholm Palace, 3 May 1826 son of Oscar I and Josephine of LeuchtenbergLouise of the NetherlandsMalmö, 18 September 1872, aged 46, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Oscar II
18 September 1872 8 December 1907
Stockholm, 21 January 1829 son of Oscar I and Josephine of LeuchtenbergSofia of NassauStockholm, 8 December 1907, aged 78, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Gustaf V
8 December 1907 29 October 1950
Drottningholm Palace, 16 June 1858 son of Oscar II and Sofia of NassauVictoria of BadenDrottningholm Palace, 29 October 1950, aged 92, buried in Riddarholmen Church
Gustaf VI Adolf
29 October 1950 15 September 1973
Stockholm, 11 November 1882 son of Gustav V and Victoria of BadenPrincess Margaret of Connaught
Lady Louise Mountbatten
Helsingborg, 15 September 1973, aged 90, buried at Royal Burial Ground
Carl XVI Gustaf
15 September 1973 present
Haga Palace, 30 April 1946 son of Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten and Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and GothaSilvia SommerlathLiving

Timeline of Swedish monarchs

Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden Gustaf V of Sweden Oscar II of Sweden Charles XV of Sweden Charles XIII of Sweden Gustav III of Sweden Adolf Frederick Frederick I of Sweden Ulrica Eleanor of Sweden Charles XII of Sweden Charles XI of Sweden Charles X Gustav Christina of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus the Great Charles IX of Sweden Sigismund Vasa John III of Sweden Eric XIV of Sweden Gustav I of Sweden Christian II of Denmark Sten Sture the Younger Eric Trolle Svante Nilsson (regent of Sweden) Sten Sture the Elder John I of Denmark Sten Sture the Elder Christian I of Denmark Charles VIII of Sweden Christopher of Bavaria Charles VIII of Sweden Eric of Pomerania Margaret I of Denmark Albert of Sweden Haakon VI of Norway Eric XII of Sweden Magnus IV of Sweden Birger, King of Sweden Magnus III of Sweden Valdemar I of Sweden Eric XI of Sweden Canute II the Tall Eric XI of Sweden Eric X of Sweden Canute I of Sweden Charles VII of Sweden Magnus II of Sweden Eric IX the Saint Sverker I the Elder Magnus I of Sweden Ragnvald Knaphövde Inge the Younger Philip Halstensson Blot-Sweyn Inge the Elder Håkan the Red Anund Gårdske Halsten Stenkilsson Eric and Eric Stenkil Emund the Old Anund Jacob Olof Skötkonung Eric the Victorious House of Bernadotte House of Holstein-Gottorp House of Hesse House of Palatinate-Zweibrücken House of Vasa Kalmar Union House of Mecklenburg House of Bjälbo House of Sverker House of Stenkil House of Munsö

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  2. Note that the birth date is December 8 in the Julian calendar, which was in effect in Sweden at the time, corresponding to December 18 in the Gregorian calendar.
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