Christina Hvide

Christina Hvide
Queen consort of Sweden
Reign 1164–1167
Born c. 1145
Died c. 1200
Spouse Charles VII of Sweden
Father Stig Tokesen
Mother Princess Margaret of Denmark

Christina Hvide (in Swedish: Kristina Stigsdotter) (c. 1145 – c. 1200) was a mediaeval Swedish Queen, queen consort of King Charles VII of Sweden and mother of King Sverker II of Sweden.


Christina Stigsdatter was the daughter of the Danish nobleman Stig Tokesen (died 1150) of the Hvide family from Scania (then a Danish province) and the Danish Princess Margaret of Denmark who was the daughter of Canute Lavard. She was married to King Charles VII of Sweden in 1163 (or 1164) and was in Sweden known as Queen Kristina. In 1163, the Swedish jarl Guttorm greeted her in Scania and travelled with her to Sweden, but it is guessed that the ceremony took place after the inauguration of the new archbishop Stefan (Archbishop of Uppsala) in 1164. When her husband was deposed in 1167, she fled to Denmark with her son.

The date of her birth and death is not known, but suggested to be c. 1145 and c. 1200 respectively.



Christina Stigsdotter
Born: 1145 Died: 1200
Swedish royalty
Preceded by
Brigida Haraldsdotter
Queen consort of Sweden
Succeeded by
Cecilia Johansdotter
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