Philip of Sweden

Philip of Sweden
King of Sweden
with Inge the Younger
Reign 1105–1118
Predecessor Inge the Elder
Successor Inge the Younger
Spouse Ingegerd of Norway
House Stenkil
Father Halsten Stenkilsson
16th-century copy of a gravestone to King Inge the Younger at Vreta Abbey, with some inaccurate information on it, though probably placed correctly over his and King Philip's bones near the church's altar.

Philip or Filip (Swedish: Filip Halstensson) was King of Sweden 1105–1118.[1]

He was a son of King Halsten Stenkilsson and nephew of King Inge the Elder. Philip and his brother Inge the Younger ruled together from 1105 or 1110 and onwards as successors of their uncle King Inge the Elder. According to the records of the Westrogothic law (Västgötalagen) he was a good king. Little else is known about him. Hardly any other Swedish king who was the undisputed ruler of the kingdom after the Christianization is less known than Philip.[2]

According to the Hervarar saga, he ruled only for a short time and was married to Ingegerd of Norway, the daughter of Harald Hardrada.[3] Philip was probably buried with his brother Inge the Younger in Vreta Abbey (Vreta kloster och kyrka) at Linköping in Östergötland, Sweden.[4]


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Died: 1118
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Inge the Elder
King of Sweden
with Inge the Younger (1110–1118)
Succeeded by
Inge the Younger

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