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Boleslaw and Kol were contenders for the Swedish throne, held by King Canute I of Sweden, then head of the House of Eric. The two, who were brothers, half-brothers, or uncle and nephew, may never have controlled much more than the Province of Östergötland. Boleslaw is believed either to have been murdered by King Canute's men, or to have fled to Poland sometime before 1173. He was mentioned in at least one letter sent by the Pope to a Swedish king. He was assumably named for his ancestor Bolesław III Wrymouth.

According to a medieval genealogy, Boleslaw and Kol were sons of King Sverker I's son John, but a notice in a Danish source claims Sverker also had son named Boleslaw.[1] Boleslaw is mentioned in the regnal list appended to Västgötalagen together with Kol, but otherwise appears in fewer medieval sources than he.[2]

Natanael Beckman, who wrote his article in Svenskt biografiskt lexikon, claimed that Boleslaw and Kol were sons of Sverker.[3] Swedish historian Adolf Schück claimed instead that the contenders were sons of John.[4]

Though several sources affirm that Boleslaw actually was King of Sweden for a few years, the Swedish Royal Court does not recognize him as such in its official list of rulers.

Preceded by
Karl Sverkersson
as King of Sweden
King of Östergötland
with Kol of Sweden
Succeeded by
Canute Ericson


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