Alvastra Abbey

Alvastra Monastery

Ruins of the monastery.
Location within Östergötland
Monastery information
Order Cistercians
Established 1143[1]
Location Alvastra, Östergötland County, Sweden
Coordinates 58°17′48″N 14°39′31″E / 58.29667°N 14.65861°E / 58.29667; 14.65861Coordinates: 58°17′48″N 14°39′31″E / 58.29667°N 14.65861°E / 58.29667; 14.65861

Alvastra Abbey was a Cistercian monastery located at Alvastra in Östergötland, Sweden. It was founded in the first half of the 12th century by a donation of land from King Sverker I of Sweden to the Cistercian Order. It was dissolved and appropriated by the Crown at the time of the Protestant Reformation.

Alvastra as it looked in Suecia antiqua et hodierna, around 1700.


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