Helvig of Schauenburg

Helvig of Schauenburg
Countess of Oldenburg
Spouse(s) Balthasar of Mecklenburg
Dietrich of Oldenburg


Christian I of Denmark
Maurice V of Delmenhorst
Gerhard VI, Count of Oldenburg
Adelheid, Countess of Hohenstein and Mansfeld
Noble family House of Schauenburg (by birth)
House of Mecklenburg (by marriage)
House of Oldenburg (by marriage)
Father Gerhard VI of Holstein-Rendsburg
Mother Catherine Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Born 1398
Died 1436 (aged 3738)
Buried St. Lambert's Church in Oldenburg

Helvig of Schauenburg (German: Heilwig von Holstein) (1398–1436), also known as Hedwig of Schauenburg, was a duchess of Schleswig and a countess of Holstein from the family of Schauenburg, and ancestor of the Danish Royal houses of Oldenburg and Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg.

She was a daughter of Gerhard VI of Holstein-Rendsburg and his wife, Catherine Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Her brother was Adolf VIII/I, Count of Holstein/Duke of Schleswig. Through their father, they were cognatic descendants of King Eric V of Denmark while through their mother, they were cognatic descendants of King Abel of Denmark.

On 18 April 1417 Helvig was married to Prince Balthasar of Mecklenburg, who died of the plague in 1421. In 1423 she was married to Dietrich, Count of Oldenburg. From her second marriage she had the following children:


Danish royal descent

Valdemar II
Christopher I
Eric V
Bernhard II
Bernhard III
Henry II
Gerhard VI
Catherine Elisabeth
Helvig of Schauenburg
House of Oldenburg

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