Taiping District, Taichung

Coordinates: 24°7′7.6″N 120°45′46.2″E / 24.118778°N 120.762833°E / 24.118778; 120.762833

Taiping District in Taichung City
Taiping District
Taiping District office

Taiping District (Chinese: 太平區; pinyin: Tàipíng Qū) is an inner city district in the eastern part of Taichung, Taiwan. It is the second largest district in Taichung City after Heping District.


Taiping used to be a county-controlled city of Taichung County since 1 August 1996 until 25 December 2010, before it was changed to a district under Taichung City.

Administrative divisions

Taiping District consists of 39 villages:

Taiping Village, Zhangyi Village, Yongcheng Village, Zhongping Village, Zhongzheng Village, Pingan Village, Zhongxing Village, Yongping Village, Tungping Village, Chenggong Village, Tunghe Village, Jianguo Village, Jianxing Village, Pinglin Village, Daxing Village, Qinyi Village, Guanghua Village, Guangming Village, Zhongshan Village, Fengnian Village, Yixin Village, Yijia Village, Yichang Village, Xinping Village, Xinji Village, Xincheng Village, Xinguang Village, Xinxing Village, Xingao Village, Xinfu Village, Toubian Village, Shenghe Village, Tungbian Village, Xinglong Village, Fulong Village, Huangzhu Village, Guanglong Village, Yonglong Village, Delong Village.[1]



Taiping District supply lots of agriculture products to Taichung urban area, including loquats, longans, bananas, and vegetables.


Tourist attractions

Sister cities

Lincoln, Nebraska is Taiping's sister city.

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