Sinsing District

Coordinates: 22°37′29″N 120°18′4.7″E / 22.62472°N 120.301306°E / 22.62472; 120.301306

Xinxing District [1]

Sinsing District

Sinsing District in Kaohsiung City
Country Taiwan
Region Southern Taiwan
Population (January 2016)
  Total 51,953
Website [http://Official Website official website] (Chinese)
Sinsing District office

Sinsing District (Chinese: 新興區; Hanyu Pinyin: Xīnxīng Qū; Tongyong Pinyin: Sinsing Cyu; Wade–Giles: Hsin1-hsing1 Ch'ü1) is a downtown district of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.


Sinsing means prosperity in Mandarin Chinese.


Sinsing used to be called Toa-kang-po (Chinese: 大港埔) in early days where it was filled with endless wilderness before. During the Japanese rule of Taiwan, residents in the area used to make a living from farming and lived a simple life. Due to the nature of agriculture industry, people deployed water conservation methods in the area, thus irrigation system was spread all over the area. Fields became fertile and they grew rice, sweet potato, sugarcane or maize.

After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China in 1945, the area grew gradually and was renamed Sinsing District afterwards. It is now the lively and beautiful modernized administrative area at present.[2]

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