South District, Tainan

Coordinates: 22°57′42″N 120°11′29″E / 22.961555°N 120.191261°E / 22.961555; 120.191261

South District in Tainan City
South District
South District office

South District (Chinese: 南區; pinyin: Nán Qū; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lâm-khu) is a district located in Tainan, Taiwan.


In February 2002, Qingquan Village and Longgang Village were combined to be Kunni Village; Songshan Village and Nanshan Village were merged into Songan Village; Zhonghe Village, Juexin Village and Haifeng Village were merged into Yongning Village; Nandu Village was divided into Nandu Village and Nanhua Village. In February 2006, Xingzhong Village was merged into Mingde Village, bringing the total villages in the district to become 39.[1]


Administrative divisions

Baixue, Dacheng, Daen, Dalin, Dazhong, Fotan, Funan, Guangming, Guangzhou, Guozhai, Jiannan, Jinhua, Junnan, Kainan, Kunni, Lizhai, Mingde, Mingliang, Mingxing, Nandou, Nanhua, Rixin, Shenggong, Songan, Tianliao, Tongan, Wenhua, Wennan, Xibei, Xidong, Xinan, Xinchang, Xingnong, Xinsheng, Xinxing, Yongning, Zaixing, Zhangnan and Zhuxi Village.[3]

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