West District, Taichung

Coordinates: 24°8′40.3″N 120°39′55.1″E / 24.144528°N 120.665306°E / 24.144528; 120.665306

West District

West District in Taichung City
Country Taiwan
City Taichung
  Total 5.7042 km2 (2.2024 sq mi)
Population (January 2016)
  Total 115,798
  Density 20,000/km2 (53,000/sq mi)
Website Official website
West District office

West District (Chinese: 西區; pinyin: Xi Qū) is a district of Taichung, Taiwan. It is the second smallest district in Taichung City after Central District. Former Taichung City Hall and part of Taichung City Government offices are located in this district.


The district used to be part of Taichung provincial city before the merger with Taichung County to form Taichung special municipality on 25 December 2010.


The West District of Taichung is divided into 25 Li (里):[1]

  • Minsheng Li (民生里)
  • Liming Li (利民里)
  • Sanmin Li (三民里)
  • Dongsheng Li (東昇里)
  • Guangmin Li (廣民里)
  • Pinghe Li (平和里)
  • Gongmin Li (公民里)
  • Lanxing Li (藍興里)
  • Gongguan (公館里)
  • Helong Li (和龍里)
  • Minlong (民龍里)
  • Houlong (後龍里)
  • Shuanglong Li (雙龍里)
  • Anlong Li (安龍里)
  • Jilong (吉龍里)
  • Tuku Li (土庫里)
  • Dazhong Li (大忠里)
  • Shengping Li (昇平里)
  • Zhongming Li (忠明里)
  • Zhongcheng Li (忠誠里)
  • Gongzheng Li (公正里)
  • Gongping Li (公平里)
  • Gongde Li (公德里)
  • Gongyi Li (公益里)
  • Zhongxing Li (中興里)



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