Taoyuan District, Kaohsiung

For district in Taoyuan City, see Taoyuan District.

Coordinates: 23°14′20″N 120°50′03″E / 23.238822°N 120.834289°E / 23.238822; 120.834289

Mountain Indigenous District
Taoyuan District [1]

Tauyuan District in Kaohsiung City
Country Taiwan
Municipality Kaohsiung City
  Type District government
  District chief Xie Ying-xiong (KMT)
Population (January 2016)
  Total 4,232

Taoyuan District (Chinese: 桃源區; pinyin: Táoyuán Qū, another name is Tauyuan District) is a mountain indigenous district of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. It is the largest district in Kaohsiung City by area.


The same Pinyin form, Taoyuan District, exists in two different districts in Taiwan: one is 桃源區 in Kaohsiung, the other is 桃園區 in Taoyuan City. Although the official English name is "Taoyuan District", an English translated form used in Taoyuan District Office, Kaohsiung is "Tauyuan District."


It is the district that is most mountainous and most distant from the city center. The population density in Taoyuan District is one of the least in Taiwan, but the area of the district is the sixth largest. Both Yushan National Park and Maolin National Scenic Area are situated in this district. Taoyuan District is very mountainous with very little flat land. Laonong River passes through Tauyuan District and is an important water source for Kaoshiung. The climate of the Taoyuan district is tropical monsoon climate. The major populations are Bunun people and Saaroa people of the Taiwanese aborigines.


During the period of Japanese rule, Taoyuan was grouped with modern-day Namasia and Maolin districts and classified as "Savage Land" (蕃地), which was governed under Kizan District (旗山郡) of Takao Prefecture.

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