West District, Chiayi

Coordinates: 23°29′01″N 120°25′20″E / 23.483716°N 120.422317°E / 23.483716; 120.422317

West District in Chiayi City
West District

West District (Chinese: 西區; pinyin: Xi Qū) is a district in west Chiayi City, Taiwan.


The West District was established on 6 October 1990.[1]

Administrative divisions

Shuyuan Village, Yonghe Village, Xinfu Village, Wenhua Village, Xirong Village, Panshe Village, Guohua Village, Daxi Village, Zhuanyao Village, Fuquan Village, Fuan Village, Xinxi Village, Gangping Village, Tougang Village, Xiping Village, Liucuo Village, Zijiang Village, Meiyuan Village, Hunei Village, Shizi Village, Hongwa Village, Guanglu Village, Fumin Village, Judian Village, Chuiyang Village, Peiyuan Village, Yuying Village, Zhiyuan Village, Cuidai Village, Daoming Village, Beirong Village, Qingan Village, Xianghu Village, Zhongxing Village, Houyi Village, Hubian Village, Zhuwei Village, Baosheng Village, Baoan Village, Beixin Village, Xincuo Village, Baofu Village, Zhucun Village, Beihu Village, Xiabei Village.

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