Wuri District

Coordinates: 24°5′19.2″N 120°37′56.6″E / 24.088667°N 120.632389°E / 24.088667; 120.632389

Wuri District in Taichung City
Wuri District

Wuri District (Chinese: 烏日區; pinyin: Wūrì Qū) is a suburban district in southern Taichung, Taiwan. Both of the two north-south freeways (No.1 and No.3) pass Wuri.

Wuri is home to a large military training centre, Cheng Kong Ridge.

Administrative divisions

Wuri Village, Huri Village, Sanhe Village, Rongquan Village, Xuetian Village, Jiude Village, Rende Village, Qianzhu Village, Wuguang Village, Guangming Village, Tungyuan Village, Xiju Village, Luotan Village, Beili Village, Nanli Village, Xiwei Village.[1]



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