Shiding District

Shiding District

Shiding District in New Taipei City
Coordinates: 025°00′N 121°39′E / 25.000°N 121.650°E / 25.000; 121.650Coordinates: 025°00′N 121°39′E / 25.000°N 121.650°E / 25.000; 121.650
Country Republic of China (Taiwan)
Special municipality New Taipei City
Population (January 2016)
  Total 7,857
Time zone +8

Shiding District (Chinese: 石碇區; Hanyu Pinyin: Shídìng Qū; Tongyong Pinyin: Shíhdìng Cyu; literally: "stone anchor") is a rural district in southern New Taipei City, Taiwan.


Shiding used to be a thriving town during the Qing Dynasty due to its geographically favorable condition as a resting place on the way to Yilan and its coal mine resources and tea trading. Shiding was a rural township of Taipei County until the upgrade of the county to become the New Taipei municipality on 25 December 2010, Shiding became a district.



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The district is accessible by bus from Jingmei Station of Taipei Metro.[1]

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