Nusu language

Native to China
Ethnicity Nu
Native speakers
13,000 (2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 nuf
Glottolog nusu1239[2]

Nusu (autonym: nu˧su˧) is a Loloish language spoken by the Nu people of China. There are three dialects: Northern, Southern, and Central. The Central dialect of Miangu is the prestige dialect and is understood fairly well by speakers of other dialects.[1]

Lama (2012) observes a sound change *r- > Ø- from Proto-Loloish as a Nusoish innovation.


The three Nusu dialects are spoken in the following locations (Nusuzu Nusuyu Jianzhi 怒族怒苏语简志 1986).


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