Khroskyabs language

Native to China
Region Sichuan
Native speakers
50,000 (1993)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 jiq
Glottolog guan1266[2]

Khroskyabs or Lavrung (native name: bósʁæi "Tibetan language",[3] Chinese: 绰斯甲语; pinyin: Chuòsījiǎ yǔ) is a Rgyalrongic language of China.[3] It is called Guanyinqiao in Ethnologue after a town in western Sichuan where one dialect of the language is spoken, Thugsrje Chenbo (Wylie: thugs rje chen bo ). It has been referred to as Lavrung in previous publications.


Dialects of Khroskyabs include Wobzi (spoken in Jinchuan County), Thugsrje Chenbo, ‘Brongrdzong and Njorogs (Yèlóng 业隆).[3]


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