Lashi language

Native to Burma, China
Native speakers
30,000 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 lsi (incl. Chashan)
Glottolog lash1243[2]

Lashi (endonym Lacid) is a Burmish language. It is according to Nishi (1999: 70) in the Maruic branch, which preserves the preglottalized initials of Proto-Burmish in the most phonotactic environments.

Data on Lashi is available in the followining publications (Luce 1985: Charts S, T, V; Huang et al. 1992; Wannemacher 1995-7, as cited in Mann 1998, and Yabu 1988).


In China, Lashi (Leqi) speakers are distributed in Mang City (formerly Luxi County), Ruili City, Longchuan County, and Yingjiang County of western Yunnan province (Dai 2007:5). Mang City has the most Lashi speakers, who are distributed in the following townships.

Lashi is also spoken in eastern Shan State, Burma.

The Chashan language, which is closely related to Lashi, is spoken in nearby Pianma Township 片马镇, Lushui County.


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