Kucong language

Native to China, Vietnam
Region Yunnan
Native speakers
50,000 (2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 lkc
Glottolog kuco1235[2]

Kucong (Khucong, Cosung), or Lahlu, is a Loloish language of Yunnan and Vietnam. In Vietnam, the speakers' autonym is kʰu˧ tsʰɔ˧, and are also known as the La Hủ Na 'Black Lahu' (Edmondson 2002). It is very closely related to Lahu.



Kucong, or Black Lahu, is spoken in the following villages of Ca Lăng Commune, Mường Tè District, Lai Châu Province, Vietnam (Edmondson 2002).

The Kucong, or Black Lahu, live adjacently to the La Hủ Sủ (Yellow Lahu) and La Hủ Phung (White Lahu). The Yellow Lahu are distributed in the following locations.

The White Lahu live in the following locations, often together with the Yellow Lahu.

The Kucong and related Lahu groups had originally come from the Jinping County area of southern Yunnan, China (Edmondson 2002).


Sun Hongkai (1992) reports 30,000 Kucong speakers in Yunnan, China. Chang Suanzhi (2011:5) recognizes 3 branches of Kucong.

Li & Zhang (2003)[5] report that there are about 30,000 Kucong people in Yunnan. Zhenyuan County has more than 13,000 Kucong people; western Jinping County has more than 6,000 Kucong people; and Xinping County has more than 4,000 Kucong people. Li & Zhang (2003) cover the Kucong dialect of Kudumu Village 库独木村, Pingzhang Township 平掌乡, Xinping County 新平县. In Xinping County, their autonym is kɔ33 tsʰɔ53, which means 'mountain people.'

In Yuanjiang County, Yunnan, Kucong (960 people total) is spoken in the following villages.)[6]


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