Kua-nsi language

Native to China
Region Yunnan
Native speakers
5,000 (2009)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ykn
Glottolog kuan1249[2]

Kua-nsi (kʰua˧n̩˨˩sɨ˥; Chinese: 跨恩斯话; Hedong Yi 河东彝) is a recently discovered Loloish language of Heqing County, Yunnan, China.

Gomotage (ɣɔ˨˩mɔ˧ta˥ɣə˨˩), an undocumented and little-known Loloish language of Eryuan County, is also probably related to Kua-nsi (Yang 2010:7).[3]


The Kua-nsi live in the following villages of Liuhe Township 六合乡, northern Heqing County (Castro, et al. 2010:23).[4]


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