Yaw dialect

Native to Burma
Region Magway Division
Ethnicity Intha
Native speakers
20,000 (1997)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog yaww1238[2]

The Yaw dialect of Burmese is spoken by 20,000 people near the Chin Hills in Magway Division, particularly in Gangaw District, which comprises Saw, Htilin, and Gangaw. The Yaw dialect is very similar to standard Burmese except for the following rhyme changes:[3]

Written Burmese Standard Burmese Yaw dialect Notes
-က် /-ɛʔ/ /-aʔ/
-င် /-ɪɴ/ /-aɴ/
ောက် /-aʊʔ/ /-oʔ/
-တ် -ပ် /-aʔ/ /-ɛʔ/
ွတ် /-ʊʔ/ /wɛʔ/ ဝတ် ([wʊ̀ʔ] in Standard Burmese, [wɛʔ] in Yaw)
-န် -မ် /-aɴ/ /-ɛɴ/
-ွန် -မ် /-ʊ̀ɴ/ /-wɛɴ/ ဝန် ([wʊ̀ɴ] in Standard Burmese, [wɛ̀ɴ] in Yaw)
-ည် /-ɛ, -e, -i/ /-ɛ/


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