Myanmar Language Commission

Myanmar Language Commission
Myanmaza Aphwe
Agency overview
Preceding agency
  • Literary and Translation Commission
Jurisdiction Burma (Myanmar)
Headquarters Nay Pyi Taw
Parent agency Ministry of Education

The Myanmar Language Commission (Burmese: မြန်မာစာအဖွဲ့; formerly Burmese Language Commission; abbreviated MLC) is the pre-eminent government body on matters pertaining to the Burmese language.[1] It is responsible for several projects including the Myanmar–English Dictionary (1993) and MLC Transcription System for Romanization of Burmese.


MLC's predecessor, the Literary and Translation Commission (ဘာသာပြန်နှင့် စာပေပြုစုရေး ကော်မရှင်), was set up by the Union Revolutionary Council in August 1963, tasked with publishing an official standard Burmese dictionary, Burmese speller, manual on Burmese composition, compilation of Burmese lexicon, terminology, and translation, compilation and publication of textbooks, reference books, and periodicals for educational use.[2]

The commission was re-established as the Burmese Language Commission (BLC) on 15 September 1971.[3]

Members of the Myanmar Language Commission

  1. Ba Nyunt, Retired Professor of History (deceased)
  2. Chan Tha, "Letwe Minnyo", "Letyar Sanhta", Retired Chairman, Bureau of Special Investigation (deceased)
  3. Hla Pe, "Dagon U Hla Pe" (deceased)
  4. San Htun, "San Htun, Man Tekkatho" (deceased)
  5. San Ngwe, "Dagon U San Ngwe" (deceased)
  6. Thaw Zin, "Thaw Zin" (deceased)
  7. Aung Thaw, Retired Director General, Department of Archaeology
  8. Hla Shwe, Retired Rector, University of Mandalay
  9. Htin Gyi, "Tekkatho Htin Gyi" Retired Director, (deceased) Sarpay Beikhman
  10. Htin Fatt, "Maung Htin" Retired Editor and Consultant, Burma Translation Society
  11. Daw Kyan, "Ma Kyan", Retired Senior Research Officer, Historical Commission
  12. Myint Than, "Kahtika Daw Myint Than", Retired Lecturer in Burma
  13. Daw Ohn Khin, Retired Lecturer in Burma
  14. Soe Maung, "Thagara Nga Soe", Retired Chief Editor, Burma Ah-lin Daily
  15. Than Swe, "Mya Myinzu", Retired Professor of Burma
  16. Win Pe, "Mya Zin", "Win Pe", Retired Director General, Department of National Archives
  17. Yin Yin, "Saw Mon Nyin" (deceased)


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