City of Yaw

Location in Burma

Coordinates: 22°9′50″N 94°7′27″E / 22.16389°N 94.12417°E / 22.16389; 94.12417Coordinates: 22°9′50″N 94°7′27″E / 22.16389°N 94.12417°E / 22.16389; 94.12417
Country  Burma
Region Magway Region
District Gangaw District
Township Gangaw Township
Time zone MST (UTC+6.30)

Gangaw (Burmese: ဂန့်ဂေါမြို့, Burmese pronunciation: [ɡa̰ɴɡɔ́ mjo̰]) is a town of Gangaw Township in Gangaw District in the Magway Division in Myanmar. Gangaw is also known as the City of Yaw, a certain region in Myanmar including Gangaw (ဂန့်ဂေါ), Tilin (ထီးလင်း), Saw (ဆော) and villages around them. Myit Thar river (မြစ်သာမြစ်) flows from South to North dividing the town into Gangaw and Western Gangaw (အနောက်ဂန့်ဂေါ) village.

Kale-Gangaw Road was a main roadway linking Gangaw and Kalaymyo. It was 83 miles (134 km) long, the 59 miles and six furlongs was tarred road and three miles section, three furlongs was gravel road section and 19 miles and seven furlongs was earthen section.[1] Mandalay-Gangaw Road is a main Road linking the center of Myanmar.

The 4.65 inches (118 mm) rainfall collected on 19 October 2011 was a new record for that town for October of past 47 years. The previous record was 4.21 inches (107 mm) on 3 October 1980.[2]


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