List of airports in Yemen

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This is a list of airports in Yemen, sorted by location.

Yemen, officially the Republic of Yemen, is a country located in Western Asia, occupying the southwestern to southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, the Red Sea to the west, the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea to the south, and Oman to the east. The capital and largest city of Yemen is Sana'a.

Yemen is divided into twenty governorates (muhafazah) and the Capital district. The governorates are subdivided into 333 districts (muderiah), which are subdivided into 2,210 sub-districts, and then into 38,284 villages (as of 2001).

As of 28 March 2015, a no-fly zone has been imposed over the country by the Saudi Air Force as part of the 2015 military intervention in Yemen, so airports are not operational.[1]


Airport names shown in bold have scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Location Governorate ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Abbs (Abbse) Hajja Governorate OYAB EAB Abbs Airport (Abbse Airport) 16°00′40″N 43°10′40″E / 16.01111°N 43.17778°E / 16.01111; 43.17778 (Abbs Airport)
Aden ('Adan) 'Adan OYAA ADE Aden International Airport 12°49′46″N 045°01′44″E / 12.82944°N 45.02889°E / 12.82944; 45.02889 (Aden International Airport)
Al Bayda' Al Bayda' OYBI Al Bayda' Airport 14°06′20″N 045°26′25″E / 14.10556°N 45.44028°E / 14.10556; 45.44028 (Al Bayda' Airport)
Al Ghaydah (Al-Ghaydah) Al Mahrah OYGD AAY Al Ghaydah Airport 16°11′30″N 052°10′30″E / 16.19167°N 52.17500°E / 16.19167; 52.17500 (Al Ghaydah Airport)
Al Hazm (Al-Hazm) Al Jawf OYZM Al Hazm Airport 16°12′30″N 44°47′30″E / 16.20833°N 44.79167°E / 16.20833; 44.79167 (Al Hazm Airport)
Albuq (Al Buq, Al Bough) Saada OYBQ BUK Albuq Airport (Al Bough Airport) 17°21′00″N 44°37′30″E / 17.35000°N 44.62500°E / 17.35000; 44.62500 (Albuq Airport)
Ataq Shabwah OYAT AXK Ataq Airport 14°33′04″N 046°49′34″E / 14.55111°N 46.82611°E / 14.55111; 46.82611 (Ataq Airport)
Beihan Shabwah OYBN BHN Beihan Airport 14°46′55″N 045°43′12″E / 14.78194°N 45.72000°E / 14.78194; 45.72000 (Beihan Airport)
Dathina Abyan DAH Dathina Airport 13°52′0″N 046°08′00″E / 13.86667°N 46.13333°E / 13.86667; 46.13333 (Dathina Airport)
Ad Dali' Ad Dali' DHL Dali' Airport 13°44′15″N 044°43′45″E / 13.73750°N 44.72917°E / 13.73750; 44.72917 (Dali' Airport)
Hodeida (Al Hudaydah) Al Hudaydah OYHD HOD Hodeida International Airport 14°45′11″N 042°58′35″E / 14.75306°N 42.97639°E / 14.75306; 42.97639 (Hodeida International Airport)
Kamaran (Kamaran Island) Al Hudaydah OYKM KAM Kamaran Airport 15°21′40″N 42°36′40″E / 15.36111°N 42.61111°E / 15.36111; 42.61111 (Kamaran Airport)
Marib (Ma'rib) Ma'rib OYMB MYN Marib Airport 15°28′10″N 45°19′40″E / 15.46944°N 45.32778°E / 15.46944; 45.32778 (Marib Airport)
Mukalla (Al Mukalla) Hadhramaut OYRN RIY Riyan Airport (Riyan Mukalla Airport) 14°39′45″N 049°22′30″E / 14.66250°N 49.37500°E / 14.66250; 49.37500 (Riyan Airport)
Mukeiras (Mukayras) Abyan OYMK UKR Mukeiras Airport 13°56′10″N 45°39′20″E / 13.93611°N 45.65556°E / 13.93611; 45.65556 (Mukeiras Airport)
Qishn Al Mahrah OYQN IHN Qishn Airport
Saadah (Sa'dah) Saada OYSH SYE Saadah Airport 16°58′00″N 43°43′45″E / 16.96667°N 43.72917°E / 16.96667; 43.72917 (Saadah Airport)
Sana'a Sana'a OYSN SAH Sana'a International Airport (El Rahaba Airport) 15°28′35″N 044°13′11″E / 15.47639°N 44.21972°E / 15.47639; 44.21972 (Sana'a International Airport)
Sayun (Say'un, Seiyun) Hadhramaut OYSY GXF Sayun Airport (Seiyun Airport) 15°57′58″N 048°47′17″E / 15.96611°N 48.78806°E / 15.96611; 48.78806 (Sayun Airport)
Socotra Hadhramaut OYSQ SCT Socotra Airport 12°37′50″N 053°54′20″E / 12.63056°N 53.90556°E / 12.63056; 53.90556 (Socotra Airport)
Ta'izz (Taiz) Ta'izz OYTZ TAI Ta'izz International Airport 13°41′09″N 044°08′21″E / 13.68583°N 44.13917°E / 13.68583; 44.13917 (Ta'izz International Airport)

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