List of airports in Oman

This is a list of airports in Oman, grouped by type and sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served ICAO IATA Airport name
 Civil airports
Adam OOAD AOM Adam Airport
Butabul OOBB Butabul Airport
Buraimi OOBR RMB Buraimi Airport
Dibba Al-Baya BYB Dibba Airport
Duqm JNJ Duqm Jaaluni Airport
Fahud OOFD Fahud Airport
Qarn Al Alam OOGB Qarn Alam Airport
Haima OOHA Haima Airport
Ibra OOIA Ibra Airport
Ibri OOII Ibri Airport
Khasab OOKB KHS Khasab Airport / Khasab Air Base
Lekhwair OOLK LKW Lekhwair Airport
Marmul OONR OMM Marmul Airport
Mukhaizna OOMK UKH Mukhaizna Airport
Muscat OOMS MCT Muscat International Airport
Nizwa OONZ Nizwa Airport (closed)
Ras al Hadd Ras Al Hadd Airport
Rustaq OORQ Rustaq Airport
Saiq OOSQ Saiq Airport
Salalah OOSA SLL Salalah Airport
Sohar OOSH OHS Sohar Airport
Sur OOSR SUH Sur Airport
Yibal OOYB Yibal Airport
 Military airports
Nizwa OOFQ Firq Air Base (closed)
Izki OOIZ Izki Air Base
Manston OO42 Manston Air Base
Masirah OOMA MSH RAFO Masirah
Thumrait OOTH TTH RAFO Thumrait

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