List of airports in Israel

This is a list of airports in Israel, sorted by location.


Major International Airports
Other International Airports
Domestic /Private airports with military presence
Military Airbase/Airfields
Closed /Disused Airports
City served ICAO IATA Airport name
Tel Aviv LLBG TLV Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion
Eilat LLER ETM Eilat-Ramon2
Eilat LLOV VDA Eilat-Ovda3
Eilat LLET ETH Eilat-J. Hozman3
Haifa LLHA HFA Haifa-U. Michaeli
Tel Aviv LLSD SDV Tel Aviv-Sde Dov
Afik LLFK - Fik Airfield1
Be'er Sheva LLBS BEV Be'er Sheva-Teyman
Herzliya LLHZ HRZ Herzliya Airport
Rosh Pinna LLIB RPN Rosh Pina-Ben Ya'akov
Ein Yahav LLEY EIY Ein Yahav Airfield
Masada LLMZ MTZ Bar Yehuda Airfield
Mitzpe Ramon LLMR MIP Mitzpe Ramon Airport
Yotvata LLYO YOT Yotvata Airfield
Be'er Sheva LLHB - Hatzerim Airbase
Ein Shemer LLES HDA Ein Shemer Airfield
Hatzor LLHS - Hatzor Airbase
Megiddo LLMG - Megiddo-Shachar 7
Megiddo LLRD - Ramat David Airbase
Mitzpe Ramon LLRM - Ramon Airbase
Nevatim LLNV VTM Nevatim Airbase
Tel Nof LLEK - Tel Nof Airbase
Palmachim Palmachim Airbase
Kiryat Shmona LLKS KSW Kiryat Shmona Airport
Jerusalem LLJR JRS Jerusalem-Atarot1
Khan Yunis LLAZ GHK Gaza-Gush Katif4
Rafah LVGZ GZA Gaza-Yasser Arafat4

1Located in the Israeli-occupied territories.
2Currently under construction, expected to open by 2017.
3To be replaced by Eilat-Ramon by 2017.
4Defunct airports located in the Gaza strip.

By passenger numbers

Rank Airport Passenger numbers Year
1 Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion 13,134,070 2012
2 Eilat-J. Hozman 1,400,067 2011
3 Tel Aviv-Sde Dov 658,741 2011
4 Eilat-Ovda 136,791 2011
5 Haifa-U. Michaeli 68,968 2011
6 Rosh Pina-Ben Ya'akov 15,782 2011

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