List of airports in Qatar

This is a list of airports in Qatar, sorted by location.


City served Municipality ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
 Civil airports
Al Khor Al Khor OTBK Al Khor Airport[1] 25°37′46″N 051°30′24″E / 25.62944°N 51.50667°E / 25.62944; 51.50667 (Al Khor Airport)
Doha Ad Dawhah OTBD DOH Doha International Airport 25°15′40″N 051°33′54″E / 25.26111°N 51.56500°E / 25.26111; 51.56500 (Doha International Airport)
Doha Ad Dawhah OTHH DOH Hamad International Airport 25°15′40″N 051°36′48″E / 25.26111°N 51.61333°E / 25.26111; 51.61333 (Hamad International Airport)
 Military airport
Doha Ad Dawhah OTBH IUD Al Udeid Air Base[2][3] 25°07′02″N 051°18′53″E / 25.11722°N 51.31472°E / 25.11722; 51.31472 (Al Udeid Air Base)

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