List of airports in Tajikistan

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Airports in Tajikistan

This is a list of airports in Tajikistan, grouped by type and sorted by location.

Tajikistan, officially the Republic of Tajikistan, is a mountainous landlocked country in Central Asia. Afghanistan borders it to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and People's Republic of China to the east. Tajikistan also lies adjacent to Pakistan, separated by the narrow Wakhan Corridor. Its capital city is Dushanbe.


Airport names shown in bold have scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Location served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Public airports
Ayni Sughd Ayni Airport 39°24′14″N 068°31′26″E / 39.40389°N 68.52389°E / 39.40389; 68.52389 (Ayni Airport)
Dushanbe RRP UTDD DYU Dushanbe International Airport 38°32′36″N 068°49′30″E / 38.54333°N 68.82500°E / 38.54333; 68.82500 (Dushanbe International Airport)
Garm (Gharm) RRP Garm Airport 39°00′14″N 070°17′29″E / 39.00389°N 70.29139°E / 39.00389; 70.29139 (Garm Airport)
Isfara Sughd Isfara Airport 40°07′18″N 070°39′55″E / 40.12167°N 70.66528°E / 40.12167; 70.66528 (Isfara Airport)
Khorog (Khorugh) GBAO UTOD Khorog Airport 37°30′08″N 071°30′48″E / 37.50222°N 71.51333°E / 37.50222; 71.51333 (Khorog Airport)
Khujand Sughd UTDL LBD Khujand Airport 40°12′55″N 069°41′40″E / 40.21528°N 69.69444°E / 40.21528; 69.69444 (Khudzhand Airport)
Kulob (Kulyab) Khatlon UTDK TJU Kulob Airport 37°59′00″N 069°48′00″E / 37.98333°N 69.80000°E / 37.98333; 69.80000 (Kulob Airport)
Murgab (Murghab) GBAO Murgab Airport 38°11′25″N 074°01′29″E / 38.19028°N 74.02472°E / 38.19028; 74.02472 (Murgab Airport)
Penjikent (Panjakent) Sughd Penjikent Airport 39°29′02″N 067°36′12″E / 39.48389°N 67.60333°E / 39.48389; 67.60333 (Penjikent Airport)
Qurghonteppa (Kurgan Tyube) Khatlon UTDT KQT Qurghonteppa International Airport 37°51′44″N 068°51′46″E / 37.86222°N 68.86278°E / 37.86222; 68.86278 (Qurghonteppa International Airport)
Military airports
Farkhor (Parkhar) Khatlon Farkhor Air Base (Farkhor-Ayni Air Base) 37°28′11″N 069°22′51″E / 37.46972°N 69.38083°E / 37.46972; 69.38083 (Farkhor Air Base)
Gissar (Hisor) RRP Gissar Air Base 38°30′44″N 068°40′20″E / 38.51222°N 68.67222°E / 38.51222; 68.67222 (Gissar Air Base)
Moskovskiy / Pyandzh (Panj) Khatlon Moskovskiy Pyandzh Air Base 37°38′25″N 069°38′47″E / 37.64028°N 69.64639°E / 37.64028; 69.64639 (Moskovskiy Pyandzh Air Base)

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