Battle of Sehested

Battle of Sehested
Part of the War of the Sixth Coalition

Slaget ved Sehested by Jørgen V. Sonne
Date10 December 1813
LocationSehested in Holstein
Result Danish victory
Denmark Denmark–Norway Russia Russia
Kingdom of Prussia Prussia
United Kingdom Britain
Commanders and leaders
Denmark Prince Frederik of Hesse Russia Ludwig von Wallmoden-Gimborn
9,000[1]–11,000 men[2] 10,000[2]–10,500 men[1]
Casualties and losses

50[3]–69 killed[2]
273[3]–319 wounded[2]
146 missing[2]

522 killed and wounded,
600 captured[2]
Denkmal in Sehestedt

The Battle of Sehested was fought between Danish and Russian-Prussian-British troops at Sehested (in Holstein) on 10 December 1813 during the War of the Sixth Coalition.

The Danish Auxiliary Corps, which fought on the side of the French, was pushed back by the allies under Major General Ludwig von Wallmoden-Gimborn in early December 1813, but the Danes, commanded by Prince Frederik of Hesse, managed to secure their retreat by the victory in the Battle of Sehested.

However, the battle could not change the course of the war, which ended in Denmark’s defeat in 1814.

The Danish casualties were 469–534 men. The allies lost 1,122 men.[3][2]

Orders of Battle

Danish force

Total: 9,000 men[1]

Allied force

Total: 10,500 men[1]

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Coordinates: 54°22′00″N 9°49′00″E / 54.3667°N 9.8167°E / 54.3667; 9.8167

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