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U.S. Highway 63
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South end: US 63 / US 167 in Junction City at Louisiana state line
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US 62US 64

U.S. Route 63 (US 63) is a north-south U.S. highway that begins in Ruston, LA. In the US state of Arkansas the highway enters the state from Louisiana concurrent with US 167 in Junction City. The highway zigzags through the state serving the major cities of Pine Bluff, West Memphis and Jonesboro. The highway exits the state at Mammoth Spring traveling into Missouri.

US 63 shares many overlaps with other highways in Arkansas. This includes I-40 and I-55. Once the freeway section is extended further south to I-55 at Turrell, US 63 from here to Jonesboro will become part of I-555.

Route description

U.S. 63 enters into Arkansas from Louisiana concurrent with US 167 in Junction City. Just a few miles into the state, the two highways run on the eastern edge of El Dorado as an expressway. US 167 splits here, traveling towards Hampton. US 63 bypasses the town of Warren, crossing US 270. US 63 passes through the rural Cleveland County, then enters into Jefferson County.

In Jefferson County, US 63 serves the city of Pine Bluff. US 63 bypasses the city, running on the last 3 miles of I-530. Also in Pine Bluff, the highway overlaps with US 65 and US 79. US 63 runs northeast with US 79 until Stuttgart, where the highway runs north to Hazen. Just north of Hazen, US 63 overlaps with I-40 to West Memphis. In West Memphis, US 63 runs north with I-55.

U.S. 63 runs with I-55 until Turrell, where it leaves the interstate and runs concurrent with I-555 until Jonesboro, until I-555 terminates. US 49 overlaps the two roadways for two miles in central Jonesboro. US 63/I-555 serves as a by-pass for southern Jonesboro. In Hoxie, US 63 intersects with US 67. Northwest of here near Portia the highway overlaps with US 412.

In Imboden US 62 joins this overlap. In Hardy, US 63 leaves the two highways. In Mammoth Spring, US 63 crosses into Missouri, traveling to West Plains.


Portions of U.S. 63 in northern Arkansas have their origins in the work of the Ozark Trails Association, which established a network of roads in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri beginning in the 1910s. A portion of roadway was mapped out in Arkansas between Mammoth Spring and Memphis, Tennessee, and built c. 1918-22. This roadway was eventually designated Highway A-7, and was later designated U.S. 63. Some of the original infrastructure of this early construction has survived the 1927 Mississippi flood and the realignment of U.S. 63 in 1967. Northwest of Tyronza, Old U.S. 63 runs for about 1-1/4 miles of original concrete pavement;[1] it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.[2] Four bridges built in the 1920s (three before the 1927 flood and one after, are also on the National Register; three southeast of Marked Tree, and one southeast of Tyronza.[3][4]

Major intersections

UnionJunction City US 63 south / US 167 south RustonLouisiana state line
AR 7 south – Lockhart, LAsouth end of AR 7 overlap
El Dorado US 82 / AR 15 south Magnolia, Crossett, South Arkansas Regional Airportinterchange; US 82 exit 22
15 US 82B / US 167B north (Hillsboro Street)interchange
US 167 north / Main Street Fordyce, Camdeninterchange; north end of US 167 / AR 7 overlap; US 63 north follows exit 16
Old Union AR 129 south (Lawson Road) Lawson
AR 275 south Strong
Bradley AR 600 – Moro Bay State Park
AR 160 west Jerseysouth end of AR 160 overlap
Hermitage US 63B north / AR 160 east Hermitage, Ingallsnorth end of AR 160 overlap
US 63B south Hermitage
Carmel AR 8 east Johnsvillesouth end of AR 8 overlap
AR 980 Warren Municipal Airport
Warren US 278 Hampton, Monticello
US 63B north
US 278B
AR 8 west Fordycenorth end of AR 8 overlap
US 63B south / AR 189 south Monticello
ClevelandRye AR 35 south Monticello, Lake Monticellosouth end of AR 35 overlap
Pansy AR 11 north / AR 35 north Rison, Star Citynorth end of AR 35 overlap
Calmer AR 114 west Risonsouth end of AR 114 overlap
AR 114 east Star Citynorth end of AR 114 overlap
Jefferson AR 54 east – Glendalesouth end of AR 54 overlap
Pinebergen AR 54 westnorth end of AR 54 overlap
Pine Bluff I-530 north / US 79 south (US 65 north) / US 63B north Little Rocksouth end of I-530 / US 65 / US 79 overlap; US 63 south follows exit 43
44 AR 530 south Star City, Monticello
Pine Bluff46 US 65 south / AR 190 (Harding Avenue) Dumas, McGehee, Lake Villagenorth end of I-530 / US 65 overlap; south end of US 65B overlap; US 63 north follows exit 46
US 65B north / Harding Street / Market Streetnorth end of US 65B overlap
AR 81 south
Altheimer US 79B to US 65 north Pine Bluff, UAPB
US 79B south to AR 88 Reydell, Altheimer Business District
ArkansasHumphrey AR 13 north Humnoke, Carlisle
AR 152 east – Bayou Meto WMA
AR 343 south
US 79B north De Witt, Phillips Community College
Stuttgart US 79 north (West Michigan Street) Clarendon, Arkansas County Agricultural Museumnorth end of US 79 overlap
US 165 England, Little Rock, De Witt, Clarendon
Prairie AR 980 Stuttgart Municipal Airport
AR 86 west Slovaksouth end of AR 86 overlap
Siedenstricker AR 86 east Tollvillenorth end of AR 86 overlap
Hazen US 70 east DeValls Bluff, Brinkleysouth end of US 70 overlap
US 70 west Hazen Business Districtnorth end of US 70 overlap
I-40 west / AR 11 north Little Rock, Des Arc, Lower White River Museum State Parksouth end of I-40 overlap; US 63 south follows exit 193
see I-40
Crittenden I-40 east / I-55 south (US 61 south / US 64 east / US 79 north) Memphisnorth end of I-40 / US 79 overlap; south end of I-55 / US 61 / US 64 overlap; US 63 north follows exit 277; US 63 south follows exit 8
see I-55
Turrell I-55 north / AR 77 south (US 61 north) Blytheville, St. Louis, MO, Turrellnorth end of I-55 / US 61 overlap; US 63 north follows exit 23; US 63 south follows exit 1A; Southern terminus of I-555
Gilmore2 AR 77 north Gilmore
Poinsett7 AR 135 Lepanto
Tyronza8 AR 118 Tyronza
Marked Tree13 US 63B north / AR 149 Marked Tree, Earle
14 US 63B south (AR 14 east) / AR 75 Marked Tree, Lepanto, Parkinsouth end of AR 14 overlap
16 AR 14 west Payneway, Harrisburgnorth end of AR 14 overlap
24 AR 463 Trumann
Trumann29 AR 69 Trumann
CraigheadBay35 AR 463 Bay
Jonesboro36Nestlé Road
39 AR 18S (Commerce Drive)
40 US 63B north / AR 463 south
42 US 49 north / AR 1 (Stadium Boulevard) / Caraway Roadsouth end of US 49 overlap
44 AR 1B (Harrisburg Road)
45 US 49 south / AR 18 east (Southwest Drive)north end of US 49 overlap; south end of AR 18 overlap;Northern terminus of I-555
46 AR 226 west (Wood Springs Road) / Strawfloor Road
47Washington Avenue
49 AR 91 (Dan Avenue / AR 18 west)interchange; north end of freeway; north end of AR 18 overlap;
US 63B north Bono Business District
AR 230 to AR 91 Alicia, Bono
US 63B south Bono Business District
No major junctions
LawrenceSedgwick AR 228 east Lightsouth end of AR 228 overlap
AR 228 west to AR 349north end of AR 228 overlap
Walnut Ridge AR 91 Egypt
US 63B north to US 67B
US 67 north to US 412 Walnut Ridge, Pocahontas, Paragouldinterchange; south end of US 67 overlap
Hoxie US 67 south / US 67B north Hoxie, Walnut Ridge, Newportinterchange; north end of US 67 overlap
US 63B south Hoxie Business District
US 412 east Walnut Ridge, Paragouldsouth end of US 412 overlap
Black Rock AR 25 Black Rock, Powhatan, Davidsonville Historic State Park, Powhatan Courthouse, Lake Charlesinterchange
AR 117 north Davidsonville Historic State Parksouth end of AR 117 overlap
AR 117 south Smithvillenorth end of AR 117 overlap
Imboden US 62 east Pocahontas, Business Districtsouth end of US 62 overlap
AR 115 south Smithville, Cave City
No major junctions
LawrenceRavenden AR 90 east Ravenden Springs
Sharp AR 58E west Williford
AR 58 west Williford
Hardy AR 175 north – Wirthsouth end of AR 175 overlap
US 63B north Hardy, Historic District
US 62 west / US 412 west / US 63B south (AR 175 south) to US 167 Hardy, Ash Flat, Batesville, Mountain Homenorth end of US 62 / US 412 / AR 175 overlap
FultonMammoth Spring AR 9 south Salem, Business District
US 63 north ThayerMissouri state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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