Tennessee State Route 57

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State Route 57
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Major junctions
West end: SR 14 in Memphis
  I-269 in Piperton
East end: MS 25 at Tennessee-Mississippi border
Counties: Shelby, Fayette, Hardeman, McNairy, Hardin
Highway system
SR 56US 58

State Route 57 is an eastwest highway that runs from Memphis to the Mississippi state line near Pickwick Dam and Pickwick Landing State Park. Except for in Shelby County and western Fayette County, SR 57 is a two lane road generally with a 55 mph (89 km/h) speed limit. The majority of the road follows the path of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad (now part of the Norfolk Southern Railway).[1]

Route description

Shelby County

SR 57 starts in Memphis by going south on Trezevant Street from State Route 14 (Jackson Avenue). Trezevant St. turns into East Parkway and follows U.S. 70/U.S. 79/U.S. 64 and State Route 277. SR 57 then turns east and follows U.S. 72 along Poplar Avenue, where it starts to follow the Norfolk Southern Railway to the north. Poplar Avenue has an interchange with Interstate 240 in East Memphis and soon enters Germantown, where it is briefly overlapped with State Route 177. As the road enters Collierville, it becomes known as West Poplar Avenue (instead of Poplar Avenue). SR 57 meets Byhalia Road Mississippi Highway 309 as a crossroads. Just east of that intersection U.S. 72 diverges from SR 57 by going southeast into Mississippi, while SR 57 continues east along West Poplar Ave. SR 57 becomes a two-lane road but remains at a 40 mph (64 km/h) speed until it exits Collierville. East of the Collierville town square, it becomes East Poplar Avenue and State Route 205 (Collierville-Arlington Road) has its southern terminus at SR 57.

Poplar Avenue is a major thoroughfare through Shelby County and has much commercial development along its route. In the city of Memphis, the road is locally known for its narrow lanes of traffic and hazardous storm grates along its edges. The many freight trains that run along the side of it cause several traffic delays throughout the day.

Fayette County

When State Route 57 enters Fayette County, the speed limit increases to 55 mph (89 km/h) and except for when the road passes through a town, it remains at this speed until it ends in Mississippi. Just outside Collierville, SR 57 has an interchange with Interstate 269 (formerly part of State Route 385). In the city of Piperton, SR 57 intersects with State Route 196 and crosses over the Norfolk Southern Railway. A few miles down the road, it passes through Rossville and is the southern terminus for State Route 194. SR 57 passes over the Wolf River and passes through Moscow. The southern terminus of State Route 76 occurs in Moscow. Several miles down the road from here, SR 57 passes through LaGrange. Motorists can view several of the town's historic buildings from the road. East of LaGrange, SR 57 turns left along State Route 18, passes over the Norfolk Southern Railway again, and then continues east.

Former Alignment

A former alignment of SR 57 exists for 1.2 miles in Piperton. The former route exits SR 57 heading south as Commerce Road, and after approximately 450 feet turns eastward into West Old State Line Road. Old State Line Road then briefly turns into State Route 196 before becoming East Old State Line Road. After half a mile, East Old State Line Road turns slightly left before reentering SR 57.

Hardeman County

After splitting from SR 18, State Route 57 enters Hardeman County and also enters Grand Junction. It is home to the National Bird Dog Museum, which is visible from the road. SR 57 crosses over the Mississippi Central Railroad and junctions with State Route 368. Several miles east is the town of Saulsbury, Tennessee. East of Saulsbury, SR 57 passes over the Norfolk Southern Railway for a third time, and continues east to Middleton. Here, it intersects with State Route 125 and crosses the Mississippi Tennessee Railroad. East of Middleton, SR 57 goes through the town of Pocahontas, where it passes over the Norfolk Southern Railway for the fourth and final time. The railroad continues southeast into Mississippi while SR 57 continues east. It also passes over the Hatchie River around Pocahontas.

McNairy County

State Route 57 enters McNairy County and passes north of Big Hill Pond State Park. SR 57 passes through Ramer, where it is the northern terminus of State Route 234. It also crosses over the West Tennessee Railroad (also owned by Norfolk Southern Railway). SR 57 continues east and crosses U.S. Highway 45 near the town of Eastview. after crossing U.S. 45, SR 57 goes north of the town of Michie and intersects with State Route 224. East of Michie, the road junctions with State Route 22, which is the most direct route to Shiloh National Military Park.

Hardin County

State Route 57 passes into Hardin County and intersects with State Route 142 west of the town of Counce. When SR 57 enters the town of Counce, it crosses a railroad spur of the Kansas City Southern Railway. East of the town, the road intersects with State Route 128 in Pickwick Village. SR 128 goes north over Pickwick Dam, and SR 57 turns right and heads south toward Pickwick Landing State Park. SR 57 continues south along Pickwick Lake for approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) until it crosses into Mississippi and becomes Mississippi Highway 25.

Major interestions

ShelbyMemphis00.0 US 64 / US 70 / US 79 / SR 277 (East Parkway North)Western terminus of SR 57 and US 72; Western end of US 72 overlap
SR 23 (Walnut Grove Road)Interchange; Eastbound exit only
I-240 Nashville, Jackson, Miss.I-240 exits 15 A-B
Germantown SR 177 (Germantown Road)
Collierville SR 175 west (South Byhalia Road)Eastern terminus of SR 175
US 72 east CorinthEastern end of US 72 overlap
SR 205 north (Collierville Arlington Road)Southern terminus of SR 205
FayettePiperton I-269 Arlington, MemphisInterchange
SR 196 Hickory Withe, Downtown Piperton
Rossville SR 194 north (Church Street) – Airport, Downtown RossvilleSouthern terminus of SR 194
Moscow SR 76 north Somerville, BrownsvilleSouthern terminus of SR 76
La Grange SR 18 south Holly SpringsWestern end of SR 18 overlap
Grand Junction SR 18 north Bolivar, JacksonEastern end of SR 19 overlap
Hardeman SR 368 northSouthern terminus of SR 368
Middleton SR 125 (South Main Street) Bolivar, Walnut
McNairyRamer SR 234 south (Chewalla Road)Northern terminus of SR 234
Eastview US 45 Selmer, Corinth
Michie SR 224
SR 22 Shiloh National Military Park, Corinth
HardinSouthside SR 142 south (Kendrick Road)Western end of SR 142 overlap
SR 142 north Shiloh National Military ParkEastern end of SR 142 overlap
Pickwick Dam SR 128 north Pickwick Landing Dam, SavannahSouthern terminus of SR 128
Red Sulphur Springs MS 25 IukaEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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