Beyhan Sultan (daughter of Selim I)

Beyhan Sultan

The entrance to the türbe of Beyhan Sultan in Yavuz Selim Mosque.
Born Trabzon, Ottoman Empire
Died 1559
istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Burial Yavuz Selim Mosque, Istanbul
Spouse Ferhat Pasha
House House of Osman
Father Selim I
Mother Ayşe Hatûn
Religion Sunni Islam

Beyhan Sultan (died 1559) was an Ottoman princess, daughter of Selim I and Ayşe Hatûn. She was the sister of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.


In 1513 Beyhan Sultan married vizier Damat Ferhat Pasha. However, on 1 November 1524, Ferhet Pasha quelled the rebellion of Janberdi and was executed on the orders of her brother Suleiman the Magnificent.

She was alienated from her brother and refused to remarry and lived in a self exile from Istanbul in her palace at Skopje.

Beyhan Sultan's loyalty to her husband surpassed her loyalty to her family, which was a rare occasion. Ferhat was executed on the grounds of rapacious and ruthless conduct in the provinces which he was assigned. Through the intersession of Suleiman's mother Ayşe Hafsa Sultan, Ferhat had been pardoned after his first offences, but he continued to provoke the complaints from his constituents, the sultan ordered him executed.[1]

Death and burial

She died in 1559. Her resting place is located inside the türbe of her father Selim I in Yavuz Selim Mosque.

Depictions in literature and popular culture

In the TV series Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Beyhan Sultan is played by Turkish actress Pınar Çağlar Gençtürk.


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