Fatma Sultan (daughter of Selim II)

Fatma Sultan
Born 1559
Konya, Karaman Eyalet
Died Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Spouse Kanijeli Siyavuş Pasha
House House of Osman
Father Selim II
Religion Islam

Fatma Sultan (Ottoman Turkish: فاطمہ سلطان) was an Ottoman princess, daughter of Selim II (reign 1566-74). She was the granddaughter of Suleiman the Magnificent (reign 1520-66) and Hürrem Sultan, sister of Sultan Murad III (reign 1574-95) and aunt of Sultan Mehmed III (reign 1595-1603).

Fatma was married in 1572 to Damat Kanijeli Siyavuş Pasha (d. 1602), Governor of Rumelia and Grand Vizier 1582-1584, 1586-1589, and 1592-1593. She bore him four sons and one daughter.

Her mother's identity is uncertain, while some claim that she was the fourth daughter of Nurbanu Sultan, although no conclusive evidence of that has come to light.


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