Aliye Sultan

Aliye Sultan
Born 24 August 1880
Çırağan Palace, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Died 19 September 1903
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Burial Istanbul
Full name
Aliye Sultan
House House of Osman
Father Murad V
Mother Resan Hanımefendi
Religion Islam

Aliye Sultan (24 August 1880 - 19 September 1903) was an Ottoman princess. She was the daughter of Sultan Murad V and his wife Resan Hanımefendi, herself the daughter of Ömer Bey and his wife Fatma Hanım.


At the age of twenty three, Princess Aliye came down with a slight cold, but after the cold passed she did not recovered her health. Slowly she began to weaken, even though no trace of her illness remained. Sultan Murad was terribly worried about her, since he loved his children very much, so word was sent to Yıldız and doctors were brought in. They set about with much concern to treat the Princess.

The doctors did not divulge their prognosis, but two days later Cevher Ağa came in and announced to the Bașkadın Eleru Kadınefendi, "The doctors have found that the Princess's lungs are a bit weak and they feel she needs a change of air. It's really an insignificant indisposition but nonetheless His Majesty is concerned and thinks it fitting for Her Highness the Princess to come to Yıldız for a change of air. He has arranged separate rooms for her there, where she will be taken either today or tomorrow."

The news upset Murad quite a bit as he did not want to be parted from his daughter. Still he knew he had to bow to the will of fate, considering the gravity of situation. With a good deal of pain in his heart, he sent Princess Aliye up to Yıldız. Princess Aliye died on 19 September 1903.

The day the Princess left, the palace truly went into mourning. For days on end no one smiled, while for weeks no one saw Murad as he did not came out of his rooms. News of her situation flowed from Yıldız and everyone heard that the Princess's treatment received the highest importance. But the reports contained nothing to give hope for her recovery.


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