Münire Sultan

Münire Sultan (9 December 1844 – 29 June 1862) was an Ottoman princess, daughter of Sultan Abdülmecit I and his wife Verdicenan Kadınefendi.


In March 1854, a messenger from Istanbul announced the betrothal of Münire Sultan to Prince Ibrahim al-Hami (Turkish: Damat İbrahim İlhami Paşa) (born 3 January 1836 in Cairo – died 9 September 1860 at Bebek Palace in Istanbul), son of Abbas I of Egypt by his wife Mahvash Khanum Effendi (Turkish: Mahveş Hanımefendi). Large public celebrations were proclaimed and the viceroy was reported to be highly pleased with the news. They married Nikah on 31 July 1857 in Istanbul. She bore of this Marriage four children, Nail Bey who died after birth, Emina Ilhamy, Zainab and Tawhida Khanumsultan.

Prince Ibrahim al-Hamy died in 1860 when his boat capsized while crossing the Bosphorus, near Bebek Palace, and Münire became widow by his death. On 2 January 1861, she married secondly a namesake of her first husband, Damat İbrahim Paşa (born 1829 – died 1880 in Trabzon) who was a son of Hasan Rıza Paşa of Chepni background. The couple had only one issue, Sultanzade Alaeddin Bey Effendi.

Münire Sultan died on 29 June 1862, and was buried in the tomb of Münire Sultan, Fatih Mosque, Istanbul.



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