Behice Sultan

Behice Sultan (26 August 1848, Old Çırağan Palace, Istanbul - 21 December 1876) was an Ottoman princess, daughter of Sultan Abdülmecid I and his wife Nesrin Hanımefendi.


Tuberculosis took its victims in the palace as elsewhere in the nineteenth century. Among them was Behice Sultan. There is extant a touching letter to her from one Feleksu Kalfa, herself sick with malaria. The time of Behice's marriage was approaching, and Feleksu was happy for her that she would be going to her own palace, but at the same time she was worried about her health. "You will be going to the country," she wrote, "where Pertev Kalfa knows many medicines. Behice was thought to be well enough to be married on 4 December 1876, at the Bebek Palace, Istanbul to Damat Halil Hamid Pashazade (b 1854 - d. 20 November 1888), son of Mehmed Nurullah Bey, and the Grandson of Halil Hamid Pasha, and was given a palace at Kuruçeşme, on the Bosphorus. But she died a merely two weeks on 21 December 1876 after her marriage. She was buried in the mausoleum of Münire Sultan, Fatih Mosque, Istanbul.


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