Hatice Sultan (daughter of Selim I)

Hatice Sultan
Born 1496
Edirne, Ottoman Empire
Died 1538 (aged 42) or 1582
Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Burial Yavuz Selim Mosque, Constantinople
Spouse Iskender Pasha (1509-1515)
House House of Osman
Father Selim I
Mother Ayşe Hafsa Sultan
Religion Islam

Hatice Sultan (1496–1538) (Ottoman Turkish: خدیجه سلطان; Ḫadīce Sulṭān) was an Ottoman princess, daughter of Sultan Selim I and Ayşe Hafsa Sultan. She was the sister of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

The father of Hatice Sultan, Selim I.


Hatice Sultan was born in 1496 at Trebizond, the daughter of Sultan Selim I and his concubine Ayşe Hafsa. She married Damat Iskender Pasha in 1509. The couple had four sons and one daughter before her husband's death in May 1515.

It had long been believed that Hatice Sultan subsequently married the grand vizier Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha in May 1524. However, recent research has revealed that this claim was not based on solid evidence, and that in fact no such marriage ever took place between them.[1]

Hatice Sultan was the grand mother of Ayşe Hatun, Osman II's Haseki Sultan.

Sources disagree as to the date of her death. According to some she died in 1538 while others state that she died in 1582.[2]

Depictions in literature and popular culture

In the TV series Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Hatice Sultan is played by Turkish-German actress Selma Ergeç.

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