Gevherhan Sultan (daughter of Ahmed I)

Gevherhan Sultan
Born 1608
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Died 1660 (aged 52)
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Spouse Öküz Mehmed Pasha
Topal Recep Pasha
House House of Osman
Father Ahmed I
Mother Kösem Sultan
Religion Islam

Gevherhan Sultan (ca. 1608 1660, Ottoman Turkish: گوھرخان سلطان, other names Güvherhan) was an Ottoman princess, the daughter of Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I (reign 1603-17) and his favourite consort Kösem Sultan. She was the niece of Sultan Mustafa I (reign 1617-18 and 1622-23) and sister of Sultans Osman II (reign 1618-22), Murad IV (reign 1623-40), and Ibrahim (reign 1640-48).

The father of Gevherhan Sultan, Ahmed I.


Gevherhan Sultan was one of the four daughters of Ahmed I by Kösem Sultan (Other's being Ayşe Sultan, Fatma Sultan and Hanzade Sultan), who contracted multiple marriages that six times during their lifetime resulted in the promotion of their spouses to the office of grand vizier. Gevherhan held the record among her siblings by her betrothal to three grand viziers: Öküz Mehmed Pasha, Topal Recep Pasha, and Siyavuș Pasha.

In 1619 she was married firstly to grand vizier Öküz Mehmed Pasha and became widow by his death. On her marriage to Mehmed Pasha the guests were entertained by Egyptian shadow players. Among these was the famous Davud el-attar (Menavi), whom Ahmed I had seen perform in Edirne, In 1624 she was married secondly to Topal Recep Pasha and again became widow by his death. After Receb's death she was betrothed to Siyavuș Pasha, but he died before the marriage could take place. She had a son by her first husband and a daughter by her second husband. She died in 1660.

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