Ayşe Hatun (daughter of Bayezid II)

Ayşe Hatun (c. 1465 - c. 1515) was an Ottoman princess, the daughter of Sultan Bayezid II and his wife Nigar Hatun.


In 1480 at Amasya Ayşe Hatun married Damat Guveyi Sinan Pasha, whom she followed during his career in Anatolia and Rumeli. The son-in-law received from the sultan villages in nahiye Üsküdar as a mülk. Consequently, Sinan Pasha donated them to the mosque and kervansaray he constructed. The pasha established also a waqf at a zaviye in Gelibolu to which he bequeathed mülk villages purchased from his wife. Three daughters came of this marriage, Ayşe Hatun, Gevherşah Hatun and Kamerşah Hatun. On 12 January 1504 she was widowed and returned to the capital, and Sultan Selim I, her brother, granted her an allowance. In her lifetime she built a mosque in Edirne, a mescid and a school in Gelibolu to which she bequeathed her property. She died at Istanbul in 1515.


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