Gevherhan Hatun

Gevherhan Hatun
Born Edirne, Ottoman Empire
Died Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Spouse Shahzada Damad Muhammad Mirza Pasha Ugurlu
Full name
Gevherhan Hatun
House House of Osman (by birth)
House of Aq Qoyunlu (by marriage)
Father Mehmed the conqueror
Mother Emine Gülbahar Hatun
Religion Sunni Islam

Gevherhan Hatun (Ottoman Turkish: کوھرخان خاتون) was an Ottoman princess, the daughter of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror (reign 1444–46 and 1451–81) and his wife Empress Emine Gülbahar Hatun, an ethnic Albanian. She was the sister of Sultan Bayezid II (reign 1481–1512) and the half sister of Cem Sultan.


Gevherhan Hatun was born as the daughter of Mehmed the Conqueror (reign ) and his wife Emine Gülbahar Hatun. in 1474 she was married to Shahzada Damad Muhammad Mirza Pasha Ugurlu the son of Uzun Hassan and his wife Theodora Megale Komnene, the daughter of Emperor John IV of Trebizond and his wife Bagrationi, better known in histories as Despina Khatun.

Gevherhan's marriage to Muhammad Mirza Pasha Ugurlu was the only acception, which actually proves the rule. Muhammad Mirza Pasha Ugurlu's exile from his own land and refugee at the Ottoman court, the Akkoyunlu prince might be considered a kind of adjunct member of the Ottoman royal household. Bayezid II's daughter Ayșe married Ahmad Mirza, son of Gevherhan and Shahzada Damad Muhammad Mirza Pasha Ugurlu.


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