Fatma Sultan (daughter of Abdülmecid I)

For other uses, see Fatma Sultan.
Fatma Sultan
Born 1 November 1840
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Died 29 August 1884
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Burial New Mosque, Istanbul
Spouse Ai Galip Pasha
Full name
House House of Osman
Father Abdülmecid I
Mother Gülcemal Kadın
Religion Sunni Islam

Fatma Sultan (1 November 1840 - 29 August 1884) was an Ottoman princess, the daughter of Sultan Abdülmecid I and his wife Empress Gülcemal Kadın.


Fatma Sultan was the second child and eldest daughter born to her father, and the eldest daughter born to her mother, hence the full sister of her younger siblings Princess Refia Sultan and Sultan Mehmed V. When Fatma Sultan came of age, the sons of some of the most exalted personages apired to the hand of the young princess. Mustafa Reshid Pasha and more especially his wife Adile Hanım, who was excessively proud, were particularly anxious that their son, Ali Galib Pasha, should become the Sultan's son-in-law. The other ministers wished to please the Grand vizier, and tried to induce their master to give the hand of the princess to the son of their colleague. After much pressing, the Sultan consented to the proposed union. However, Reshid Pasha feared the if this marriage took place while he was grand vizier, the people would murmur. At the age of thirteen, on 2 August 1854, she married Ali Galib Pasha. The next year she gave birth to a daughter, Cemile Hanımsultan, who died in infancy. After the death of Ali Galib Pasha by drowning in the Bosphorus in 1858 she married, six months later, Nuri Pasha on 17 March 1859. Two children, Sultanzade Mehmed Fuad and Emine Lutfiye Hanımsultan, came of this married. Both of her children died young. Following the dubious conviction and exile to Arabia of her second husband for complicity in the death of Sultan Abdülaziz, Princess Fatma withdrew to her shore side villa until her death a short while later on 29 August 1884. She is buried in the mausoleum of Sultan Murad V at the New Mosque, Istanbul.


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