Atiye Sultan

Atiye Sultan (2 January 1824 - 11 August 1850) was an Ottoman princess, the daughter of Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II (reign 1808-39) and his consort Perviz Felek Kadınefendi. She was the half sister of Sultans Abdülmecid I (reign 1839-61) and Abdülaziz (reign 1861–76).


She was born as daughter of Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II (1785–1839) and his wife Perviz Felek Kadın Efendi in 1824 in Istanbul. She was the Favourite sister of Abdülmecid I. On 8 August 1840 she married Rodosizade Ahmed Fethi Pasha. The Marriage was not a happy one. Atiye was always jealous of the former wife of her husband. She bore two girls from this Marriage, Seniye Hanımsultan (b.3.10.1843 - d.10.12.1910) and Feride Hanımsultan (b.30.5.1847 - d.1920). Atiye Sultan died on 11 August 1850. After her death, her husband Ahmet reconciled to his ex-wife Şemsinur.

Children and descendants

Seniye Hanımsultan married Hüseyin Hüsnü Bey and got Issue:

Feride Hanımsultan married Mahmut Nedim Bey and got an only son:

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