Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt family tree

As with most Ancient Egyptian royal dynasties, the family tree for the Twelfth Dynasty is complex and unclear.

Amenemhat INeferitatjenen
Senusret INeferu III
Amenemhat IISenet
AmenemhatankhItaItawaretKhenmetKhenemetneferhedjet INeferet IISenusret II
NeferthenutKhnemetneferhedjet IISenusret IIIMeretsegerSithathoriunetItakayt
HeteptiAatAmenemhat IIIKhenemetneferhedjet IIISithathorMenetSenetsenebtysyMeret
Amenemhat IVNeferuptah[1]SobekneferuHathorhotep


  1. Possibly daughter of Senusret III
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