Anatolian Seljuks family tree

Anatolian Seljuks (also called Seljuks of Rum and Seljuks of Turkey) was a former dynasty in Turkey. Süleyman the founder of the dynasty was actually a member of the Seljuk dynasty. His father was Tuğrul Bey's cousin . In 1077, after capturing Nicaea ( modern İznik) Süleyman founded his state as a vassal of the main Seljuk Empire. However soon Seljuks of Anatolia became independent of the main empire and their state survived till the beginning of the 14th century. [1][2]

Arslan Yabgu
Suleyman I
Kilij Arslan I
Mesut I
Kilij Arslan II
Keyhusrev I
Kilij Arslan III
Keykaus I
Keykubat I
Keyhusrev II
Kilij Arslan IV [Note 1]
Keykaus II
Keykubat II
Keyhusrev III
Mesut II
Keykubat III


  1. After 1249 triple reign of three brothers


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