Dukes of Burgundy family tree

This is a family tree of the Dukes of Burgundy, from the 9th century to 1482.

Richard of Autun Adelaide of Auxerre Rainier II of Hainaut Hugh the Black Emma of Paris Rudolph of France Gilbert of Chalon Hugh the Great Robert of Vermandois Hugh Capet Otto, Duke of Burgundy Otto-Henry of Burgundy Adelbert II of Italy Robert II of France Otto-William of Burgundy Henry I Capet Robert I, Duke of Burgundy Ermengarde of Anjou William VIII of Aquitaine Constance of Burgundy Alfonso VI of Castile Henry, Count of Portugal Theresa, Countess of Portugal Alfonso I of Portugal Hugh I, Duke of Burgundy Eudes I of Burgundy Bertrand of Toulouse Hélie of Burgundy Florine of Burgundy Sweyn the Crusader Hugh II of Burgundy Roger II of Sicily William VII of Montpellier Eudes II of Burgundy Beatrice d'Albon Hugh III of Burgundy Amadeo IV of Savoy Marguerite of Burgundy Beatrice of Montferrat Guigues VI of Viennois John, Count of Chalon Infanta Teresa, Countess of Flanders Eudes III of Burgundy Alice of Vergy Joanna of Burgundy Raoul II of Lusignan Beatrice of Navarre, Duchess of Burgundy Hugh IV of Burgundy Yolande de Dreux (1212-1248) Isabelle of Burgundy Rudolf I of Habsburg Hugh VIII of La Marche Henry III of Brabant Maud of Dampierre Eudes of Nevers and Auxerre Margaret of Burgundy, Queen of Sicily Charles I of Naples Yolande of Burgundy Jean Tristan of France Robert III of Flanders John of Burgundy (1231-1268) Agnes of Dampierre Robert, Count of Clermont Duke of Bourbon Robert II of Burgundy Agnes of France, Duchess of Burgundy Philip VI of France Hugh V of Burgundy Blanche of Burgundy (1288–1348) Edward of Savoy Margaret of Burgundy, Queen of France Louis X of France Louis of Burgundy Matilda of Hainault Eudes IV of Burgundy Jeanne III, Countess of Burgundy Philip V of France Jeanne I, Countess of Auvergne Philip of Burgundy, Count of Auvergne Joanna of Burgundy Philip I of Burgundy Marguerite III of Dampierre John II of France Philip II of Burgundy Amadeo VIII of Savoy Catherine of Burgundy Leopold IV, Duke of Austria Philip II, Count of Nevers Bonne of Artois Antoine of Brabant Elisabeth, Duchess of Luxembourg William II, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing John the Fearless Margaret of Bavaria-Straubing Adolph I, Duke of Cleves Marie of Burgundy (1393-1463) Anne of Burgundy John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford Agnes of Burgundy Charles I, Duke of Bourbon Louis, Dauphin of France (1397–1415) Margaret of Burgundy (1393-1441) Arthur III of Brittany Infanta Isabel, Duchess of Burgundy Philip III of Burgundy Bonne of Artois Michelle of Valois Antoine of Burgundy Charles I of Burgundy Margaret of York Catherine of Valois Isabelle of Bourbon Mary of Burgundy Maximilian I of HabsburgBurgundyDukes.png
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When Charles died in an attempt to conquer Lorraine in 1477, both Louis XI, King of France, and Maximilian of Habsburg claimed the Burgundian inheritance. Eventually, the Duchy of Burgundy and Artois reverted to France, while the Low Countries and the Franche-Comté came under Habsburg rule. Despite the loss of the Duchy, the Habsburgs still used the title of Duke of Burgundy for their Burgundian territories.

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