Twenty-ninth Dynasty of Egypt

398 BC–380 BC

Sphinx of Hakor

Capital Mendes
Languages Egyptian language
Religion Ancient Egyptian Religion
Government Absolute monarchy
Historical era Classical antiquity
   Deposition of Amyrtaeus 398 BC
   Deposition of Nepherites II 380 BC
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Twenty-eighth Dynasty of Egypt
Thirtieth Dynasty of Egypt

Nepherites I founded the Twenty-ninth Dynasty of ancient Egypt (according to an account preserved in a papyrus in the Brooklyn Museum) by defeating Amyrtaeus in open battle, and later putting him to death at Memphis. Nepherites made his capital at Mendes. This brief dynasty is often considered part of the Late Period.

On Nepherites' death, two rival factions fought for the throne: one behind his son Muthis, and the other supporting an usurper Psammuthes; although Psammuthes was successful, he only managed to reign for a year.

Twenty-Ninth Dynasty
Name Dates
Nepherites I 398 - 393 BC
Psammuthes 393 BC
Hakor (Achoris) 393 - 380 BC
Nepherites II 380 BC

Psammuthes was overthrown by Hakor, who claimed to be the grandson of Nepherites I. He successfully resisted Persian attempts to reconquer Egypt, drawing support from Athens (until the Peace of Antalcidas in 386 BC), and from the rebel king of Cyprus, Evagoras. Although his son Nepherites II became king on his death, the younger Nepherites was unable to keep hold on his inheritance.

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