Native name: Παξιμαδάκι

The Dionysades group of islands, seen from Sitia.
Coordinates 35°21′29″N 26°10′41″E / 35.358°N 26.178°E / 35.358; 26.178Coordinates: 35°21′29″N 26°10′41″E / 35.358°N 26.178°E / 35.358; 26.178
Archipelago Cretan Islands
Region Crete
Regional unit Lasithi
Population 0 (2001)

Paximadaki (Greek: Παξιμαδάκι) is an island within the small Dionysades group of islands off Sitia on the northeast coast of Crete. The group also includes Dragonada, Gianysada, and Paximada. Administratively this group comes within the Sitia municipality in Lasithi. Paximadaki lies off the north coast of the island Dragonada.

This island is part of an environmentally protected area with many rare plants and animals including the falcon, Falco eleonorae, which finds sanctuary here.[1][2]

The Dionysades were once a place of worship of the ancient Greek god Dionysus. Archaeologists have found artefacts on this island group, from ancient and early Christian eras, indicating that the islands may have been inhabited in the past.


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