Native name: Καβάλοι

Three islets in the Kavaloi group of islets. Two islets, on the right, are close together and look like one.
Coordinates 35°01′44″N 26°13′52″E / 35.029°N 26.231°E / 35.029; 26.231Coordinates: 35°01′44″N 26°13′52″E / 35.029°N 26.231°E / 35.029; 26.231
Archipelago Cretan Islands
Total islands 3
Region Crete
Regional unit Lasithi
Population 0 (2001)
Kefali redirects here; Kefali may also refer to a former village on the island of Kalamos
Anavatis island (right in the picture)

Kavaloi (Greek: Καβάλοι), is a group of three uninhabited Greek islets, close to the coast of Lasithi, eastern Crete. The close group comprises the islets Anavatis (Αναβάτης "rider"), Kavallos (Καβάλλος), and Kefali (Κεφαλή "head"). Administratively the islets are part of the municipal unit Lefki.

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