Aspros Volakas

Aspros Volakas
Native name: Ασπρος Βώλακας
Coordinates 35°05′48″N 24°37′01″E / 35.09667°N 24.61694°E / 35.09667; 24.61694Coordinates: 35°05′48″N 24°37′01″E / 35.09667°N 24.61694°E / 35.09667; 24.61694
Archipelago Cretan Islands
Region Crete
Regional unit Rethymno
Population 0

Aspros Volakas (Greek: Ασπρος Βώλακας, white rock) is a large white rock, next to Long Beach, on the coast of Crete, near Lambi, in Rethymno regional unit. This rock feature is formally designated as a cape due to the shallow water.[1]

Aspros Volakas is very close to Long Beach. There is another rock that is further away, to the east, called Mavros Volakas.[2]

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