Agioi Pantes (island)

Agioi Pantes
Native name: Άγιοι Πάντες

The islet of Agioi Pantes.
Agioi Pantes
Coordinates 35°11′49″N 25°43′48″E / 35.197°N 25.730°E / 35.197; 25.730Coordinates: 35°11′49″N 25°43′48″E / 35.197°N 25.730°E / 35.197; 25.730
Archipelago Cretan Islands
Area 0.346 km2 (0.134 sq mi)
Region Crete
Regional unit Lasithi

Agioi Pantes (Greek: Άγιοι Πάντες, "All Saints"), is a Greek islet, located north of the coast of Lasithi, eastern Crete, close to Agios Nikolaos.

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